Four weeks ago, I hosted my in-demand Write a Better Website workshop at a local co-working space.

Per usual, it was an amazing workshop and the people who came walked away with some AMAZING website copy they were proud of, and that they could immediately put up on their website to get better results in their business. 💁

But it was on a Saturday, and it was a wonky Saturday.

It rained off and on, but like crazy.

None of the technology worked, and I had to try to “teach” people from my 13-inch laptop screen at the front of the room.

People cancelled on their RSVPs to come because they were feeling the wonkiness of the day too, and it was easier to not leave their houses than it was to come to the co-working space and learn how to make their websites better.

And while I’d scheduled this workshop precisely because I knew so many people wanted it but weren’t able to come to my last one…. I was a little discouraged.

Actually, pissed off might actually be a better phrase to describe my emotions that day. I’d hosted this workshop to give back, and wasn’t even charging for attendance.

(For those of you who came and are reading this: you’re amazing and I love you and I still had an amazing time helping you, despite all the setbacks.)

I was pissed because I’d done it out of the goodness of my heart, but no one really seemed to care.

I was pissed because the same people who keep requesting more and more workshops over and over keep making last-minute excuses not to come.

And I was pissed because I also knew that if I’d charged money for attendance, so many other people would have been there.

Even if I’d only charged $10, that would have meant they’d have $10 worth of skin in the game, and would have shown up to honor that commitment.

But because it was free and therefore optional, they didn’t show up and didn’t care.

And not only did it piss me off a little bit, but they’re worse off because of it too.

They used the funk of the morning as an excuse to stay in, and now they don’t have the amazing website copy they could have had if they’d come. And because of that, they’re not getting the attention and the results they could be in their business.

So that’s the lesson on giving too much:

Sometimes, it’s okay to give away things for free.

But other times, you’ve got to draw a line in the sand and demand a two-way relationship. You’ve got to tell the other person that if they want you to put your skin in the game, they have to do the same.

It’s not mean, and it’s not selfish. It’s actually better for everyone. Just like it would have been better for everyone if I’d have charged a little bit of money to attend my last workshop.



I have some exciting news about it!!!

I’m hosting it at the World Domination Summit at the end of this month, and if you’re a conference attendee, you should totally come.


It me!


At the time of writing, this Meetup was approved yesterday, with 20 spots open, and NINE are already taken without me doing anything to promote it.

There are only 20 seats open in the co-working room I booked, so that means there are 11 spots left…. and I’d love for you to have one.

If you’re a WDS ticket holder for 2018, open your WDS app and find my Meetup – which is called Write a Better Website on June 27th at 12 pm – and click on the RSVP button.

***EDITED TO ADD: Within just a few days, this workshop got over-booked and there aren’t any openings left. So get the digital version so you don’t have to miss out on the magic.***

And if you’re not attending the World Domination Summit? Or you won’t be in Portland, Oregon at the end of the month? Or you’re not a small business owner in Buncombe County North Carolina and so can’t come to my workshops at the community college?


And guys, I’m really good at teaching copywriting.

Here are some testimonials from people who’ve learned from me and worked with me:

So click the button below to get access to the three lessons that made up my workshop, and I’ll see you inside!

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