I’m so freaking excited.

So many cool entrepreneurs have a “signature system,” and I’ve just finished a session with my business coach where we pinned down mine.

And it’s SOOOO good.

Honest to goodness, I’m SO excited to start using it as my “official” go-to system.

Basically, this is the system that, from this point forward, I’ll be taking ALL of my clients through so we can absolutely #OwnIt with their copy.

Honestly, it’s more or less what I’ve already been doing, but I LOVE that I’ve got it officially outlined in steps with cute, snappy names. Organization always feels SOOOO good.

Basically, this system will help you start with the content you’ve got—or from absolute zero if you don’t have any yet—and help you reach your dream goals by the end of it.

Ready to know the system?

Here it is:

1. Dream

Brainstorm what your dream results are. Come up with a crystal-clear picture of where you want to be when the project is finished, and what your new copy will accomplish for you.

Set a clear end goal of the “dreams” we’ll achieve together.

2. Decide

Outline how this will happen. Basically, this is deciding what your funnel will look like and the different steps we’ll lead readers through.

3. Find & Funnel Your Voice

Pin down your voice and your messaging with my questionnaire & copywriting exercises.

Map pieces of your voice to the funnel we mapped out in step two.

4. Write

Write your content: your website, your email marketing funnels, your ads. You name it. If it’s a part of the step #2 outcomes, we write it.

5. Edit

Read through the funnel & make notes on edits that need to be made for tone, fact-checking, and thought flow. Then make those edits.

6. Publish

Implement your new copy on your website, in your email software, and anywhere else it needs to go up.

7. Polish

After enough time has passed to collect a decent sample size with your traffic, review the data and revise parts of your copy and your funnel that could be even more effective.


The idea is, once this system is finished, you’ll have copywriting that works for you and that sells for you, instead of you having to do so much hard work yourself.

(And I think that’s a goal we ALL have.)

  • You’ll be making passive income out the wazoo.
  • You’ll be getting all the new client leads you want… or maybe even more than you can handle.
  • You’ll be booking out your calendar fast, and be one of those cool entrepreneurs we all look up to who’s constantly booked solid.

And because you have your dream content in place, it’ll be easy for you to do it.

Your copywriting and content funnel we put together will be doing ALL of the heavy-lifting for you, on automation, so you get to just show up and DO THE THING you want to do and make amazing money doing it.

I’m so excited I literally can’t contain it.

Like I said though, it’s more or less the process I’ve already been using with my clients, but it feels SO GOOD to have a step-by-step system to refer back to.

But these are the same basic steps I used to help a client get 12,000 signups on day one of her launch with only five pre-launch emails and a signup page.

They’re the same steps I used to write my own copy, which works wonders for me on a daily basis.

And the same steps I’ve used to help countless other entrepreneurs have the business of their dreams, just by having good copy.

They’re good steps.

And I’m really good at what I do in each of them, and at guiding you through them.

And now, you’ve got TWO ways you can work with me, step-by-step, hand-in-hand, through them.



Basically, I lead you through all seven steps of my process, and do all the heavy-lifting of the actual writing work for you.

We get everything (except for the polishing) finished in one month.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Seven calls with me to go over each step of my system in-depth and to make sure you’re 100% on-target for meeting your goals.
  • Me doing the writing, editing, and publishing of your copywriting to your website, email software, and ads managers.
  • Up to 10,000 words of copy. (This is A LOT of copy, but we can do add-on pieces if needed at a 25% discount.)
  • A post-project data review & polishing session three months after we publish. (This gives us enough time to collect a traffic data sample.)
  • A “starter set” of done-for-you copywriting to support you after we finish working together, for those instances when you need to write more copy but don’t know where to start. This starter set includes:
    • One swipe copy document of headlines & emotional hooks
    • One LONG swipe copy document of pieces of longer-form copy
    • A custom-to-you training video on how to use my swipe copy to write your own content, for any needs that come up or anything I don’t write for you.

The investment for this package is $10,000, and it’s a price that will go up in time.

Think of this $10,000 price tag as a sort of Beta price until I get my training system up & out the door. (Date yet to be determined.)

It’s a considerable amount, but the investments are broken up into installments over the course of our work together, and you’d be surprised how affordable $10,000 might actually be in comparison to the amount of money you’ll make by having better copy. (Plus, it’s actually WAY cheaper on a word-count basis than it was to hire me for a-la-carte copywriting before I launched this system.)



If you think one of these options would be a great fit for you (even if you feel like they’re a bit of a stretch financially), get in touch with me to book a free discovery call.

Seriously! Get in touch and we’ll have a free 30-minute consult where we’ll figure out whether or not this is a good fit for you.

And if it turns out that it isn’t a good fit, I’ll be happy to give you other ideas for ways to get good copy that will be a better fit for your timeline and your budget.

So get in touch now, and I’ll see you on Skype!

Much love!



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