Disclaimer: I’m about to riff on something that I’m 100% guilty of myself.

And it’s this: as a business, my social media profiles are pretty freaking impersonal. I don’t think many people come to my Facebook page or my Twitter feed feel like they can really relate to me.

Sure, on Twitter I like to share the occasional quirky, snarky little one-liner of 140 characters.

But most of my feed?

It’s an automated sharing of my blog posts, free offers, and paid offers that I set up with RecurPost. (TOTALLY recommend this tool, by the way.)

I set up my blog content in RecurPost because I wasn’t getting as much traffic to the blog posts that took me so much time and love-labor to write, and I wanted to change that. And thankfully, using this tool has given me what I wanted. I now get WAY more traffic to my site from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and I consider that a total win.

But there’s something I’m guilty of when it comes to “social” media, and it’s something the vast majority of companies out there are guilty of too.

And it’s this:

Being decidedly unsocial on those platforms.

Sure, if people engage with me in some way, I absolutely engage back. I respond to the messages I get ASAP, and I give a little “heart” on Twitter every time someone mentions me. If someone mentions my page on Facebook, I “like” it.

But honestly?

That’s not the behavior I see in the accounts I LOVE on social media.

No. In the accounts I follow and absolutely adore, the people behind them are actively starting conversations.

Yeah, they might send out cold, “impersonal” links to share their content every now and then, but the vast majority of their feed feels like they’re a friend sending me fun text messages, keeping me up on their lives and how their days are going.

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They share in a way I might not be comfortable with sharing, because growing up as a “loser,” I assume everyone’s just going to think I’m boring and point their fingers at me and judge me for trying to be cool when I’m soooooo not cool.

But I’ve had this ongoing epiphany over the course of my 20s, and it’s been this:

We’re all really f*ing insecure. Even the most confident ones among us.

So insecurity and childhood issues really aren’t an excuse for me to hide behind my computer screen and not share these cool day-to-day moments and business & copywriting insights just because I’m scared someone’s gonna judge me.

Because you know what else?

Those people I love who have really cool and fun social media profiles that I LOVE to follow?

The ones whose Instagram stories I watch religiously and whose tweets always show up in my “In Case You Missed It” section on Twitter?

Their bravery to share their stories and be real about life and business actually empowers me and helps me take the steps and leaps I need to take to meet my goals.

That, and I feel way more comfortable engaging with them and their brand… and buying from them.

For example:

If you haven’t heard of Laura Jane Williams and you’re a raging feminist / woman / writer / appreciator of good writing, you’ll want to check her out.

She’s one of the ones whose social media profiles inspire me…. not just because she’ll occasionally get super-duper brave and post body-positive stuff of her in her undies (don’t be expecting that from me, okay?)… but because she’s a writer, and a successful one at that. And because she’s so willing to show what it’s like to be a “successful” writer—the ups & downs & how life is so much more than sitting behind a computer screen—she’s totally one of my role models.

I knew about her new book coming out, and because I was so familiar with her story, I bought it right away.

She released a six-week writing course earlier this summer, and I bought in before I even read the full syllabus.

(And not to get all irreverent here, but do you see how actually getting “social” on social media can be REALLY GOOD for business?!?)

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So, I’m making a commitment here to you today to try to make my social media profiles more personal and, well, “social,” and I hope you’ll join me.

Because as entrepreneurs and business people, don’t we want our customers to have that level of familiarity and comfort with us?

So here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Tweet about my day more.
  • Stop being shy in Instagram stories & place my talking face in the middle of the screen… and even (gasp!) get self-promotional on them.
  • Try to use Buffer more to feed more personal-feeling posts through to my business Facebook page. (To be honest, this is the lowest priority level for me, but I’d still like to see it happen.)

And if you’re down to join me, I’d LOVE to know one thing you’ll do more often on one of your social media profiles to make your online presence more relatable too. (Seriously, no need to get all “go big or go home” about it… picking one & starting there can be hugely transformational.)

And just as an FY: I’m writing this post at the end of June and scheduling it in advance. So hopefully, by the time you’re reading it in early August, I’ve started to up my game a little bit.

But if not?

Let me know.

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