Doing SEO as a solopreneur is tough.

You try to do the smart thing by researching to find out the “things” you need to do to show up on Google, only to be BOMBARDED with a million little “things” to add to your to-do list.

And worse, everyone who’s giving advice about all these little “hacks” seems to swear up and down that if you don’t do it THEIR WAY, you’re going to fail.

And as someone who just wants to get shit done and get that ever-illusive FREE traffic from Google already thankyouverymuch, this kind of advice drives you INSANE.

Me too, love. Me too.

I freaking hate being told that I have to follow every single little, last rule in order to be successful with SEO

The approaches I use in that DO get me results… I’m to the point now where at least 50% of my client prospects told me that found me on Google. (Win!)

But I wanted to go a little more in-depth, because I know there’s A LOT that I glaze over in that guide…. simply because I don’t understand it all myself.

Enter… Tom Casano of SureOak!

Which is why I’m SUPER excited about today’s video interview with Tom Casano from SureOak.

He’s an SEO GENIUS and gives a lot of practical, easy-to-use advice for people who don’t have 80 hours per week to dedicate to their SEO strategy…. and who just want to make sure they’re doing a “good enough” job and getting traffic from search engines, without killing themselves by adding a million little SEO chores to their to-do list.

In the interview, we talk about how to find good keywords to optimize for, how to know WHICH keywords to prioritize when you’re writing blog posts or creating landing pages, and how to get lots of gold starts on Google’s internal sticker chart.

(Because forget algorithms. Google TOTALLY runs on sticker charts. 😉)

Watch the video, and use the links below to get in on some other free, valuable resources Tom has to offer:


SureOak’s comprehensive content guide:

SureOak resources:

Recorded webinar: The New Rules of Content Development for SEO in 2018

Tom’s personal website:

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