Confession: I think pretty highly of myself.

Not a surprise?

It might be, if you knew me in real life.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t live like a rock star.

Okay, now that one might not surprise you.

You probably don’t live like a rock star either.

(Because who wants to be strung out on drugs all the time and never see daylight?!?)

But I’ve just joined this money mindset course (yes, I do things like that) and did an assessment of all the items and theories affecting and touching my life in some way.

I assessed more obvious things like my business mastermind group, my workspace furniture and devices, my exercise routine, and my work/life balance.

But I also assessed less obvious things like my skin care products, my bathrobe, my hairstyle, my undies and socks… and yes, my bath towels.

For the record, I have the same bathrobe I’d have if I lived the life of a rich rock star… which is very cool to know.

But… some other things didn’t quite stack up.

My bath towels are okay… I did buy a set of new ones in pretty colors last year as an “upgrade” to make me feel better and not use the shitty ones I’d had since college.

But things like my cookware, body wash, time outdoors, optometrist visits, health insurance, my physical wallet that I carry around, and my “business clothes” are all just kind of… ‘meh.’

They’re either all bargains, gifts I didn’t and wouldn’t choose for myself, or just old items that have worn out and I’ve never bothered replacing.

…Or I took the cheapest option (like with my health insurance) all for the sake of affordability and not feeling broke because of it.

Because for heaven’s sake… who needs to go broke because of health insurance?!?

But that’s not how truly rich and successful entrepreneurs make decisions, is it?

Excuse me if I’m being a little insufferable here, but I think this mindset… especially for those of us running our own businesses… is SO important.

Yes, it matters how we treat ourselves.

But if you look closely, how you treat yourself is highly indicative of how you treat your business.

Denise Duffield-Thomas uses airline metaphors to describe how you can classify your life: economy, premium economy, business class, and first class.

I’ve done a fair amount of personal development in the last year, so a lot of my life falls into the “premium economy” category instead of the “economy” category I became so used to as a college student and as an underpaid, cheap expat.

And while “premium economy” is better than economy… you’re probably not here reading this blog post because you want a “premium economy” level business.

Hell, I didn’t name my business “Copy Power” because I was after a “premium economy” level life.


I want first class. Business class as a minimum.

But how am I treating myself?

And how am I treating my business?

You probably only have to look at the colors and design of this current site to get that answered for you.

Fortunately, I’m working on a major site upgrade.

But geez… if I can’t put myself first and treat myself well…. why would I expect other people to?

And that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it?

free copywriting course


If you don’t treat yourself well first… no one else is going to. Ever.

Especially in your business.

If you’re not willing to put the work and effort in to create a premium feel and image to the work you do…. why the hell should you expect your clients and customers to feel like you’re worth a premium chunk of cash out of their wallet?

It’s something to think about.

So in 2017, I’m upgrading.

And I’m upgrading in some major ways.

And I want to take you along for the ride with me.

Okay… I’m not talking about talking to you about how we’re both going shopping for luxury bath towels. Because honestly, I could give a shit less about what your bath towels look like.

But I am talking about helping you upgrade your business image… and to upgrade it in a very real (and affordable) way.

Because here’s a secret: ‘first class’ does not have to be expensive. Millionaires still prefer the same TV subscriptions and internet connections as the rest of us, don’t they?

Which is why I’m putting out an affordable solution that’ll really help you take your website… and your business… to the next level.

I’m putting out a course very soon that will walk you through uncovering the messaging you need on your website that tells visitors at first glance that you’re worth it.

That shows that you respect yourself and your business… and that your work comes first.

It’s a very real and very transformative approach that I use with all of my high-paying clients, but I want to make it accessible for everyone.

Because with the events that are unfolding just two months into 2017, we need more people showing up with their worth and demanding respect for it, don’t you think?

free copywriting course


So let’s do this together.

Let’s come alive and respect ourselves and our businesses for what they’re worth together.

It’ll be out within the next two months, and it’ll only cost $197.

It’ll probably be the easiest and most effective approach to writing your own website copy that you’ve ever seen, complete with formulas to follow even if writing is so not your thing.

Because just because you don’t have $3k+ to drop on new website copy doesn’t mean yours shouldn’t be stellar too.

So I’m here with you and I’m here for you. And I can’t wait.

So make sure you sign up so you’re in on the action.

If you’re reading this post from your email inbox… you’re good to go. You’re on my list and you’ll be notified the instant the course is available for purchase.

But if you’re reading it elsewhere… if you came to my site via a link somewhere or you’re reading it on Facebook, make sure you get to the original post (, and put your name and email in the email form at the bottom of the page.

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It’s totally free to do, you’ll get some of my five best tips for improving your on-site conversions right away. (Plus be the first to know when the course available for purchase.)

Because we CAN do this in 2017.

And damn it, we will.

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