Lately, I’ve been faced with a lot of decisions.

Decisions around deadlines. Decisions around the kind of client work I’ll take on. Decisions around how long to delay launching my passive income funnel because the membership plugin I chose to start with would not f*ing work for the life of it.

Decisions that, on the outside, seem really, really boring and run-of-the-mill.

Typical online entrepreneur stuff that no one in particular cares to talk about with me, so I’m pretty much set to work them out in my own mind, with my own devices, and on my own time.

But because it’s so “typical” I want to talk about it for a little bit.

Because no matter how “online” your business is… whether you fully rely on the world wide web to bring you your dollars or your entire purpose of having a website is just so people who look you up will know you’re not a fraud… I think we all get caught up in the promises of the wealth and fame the vastness of the internet promises to bring us.

And I’ll be totally honest:

It’s the entire reason I decided I wanted to work online for myself instead of staying in the fun, cute little office job like the rest of my peers.

I wanted riches. I wanted to be popular.

Because as someone who grew up neither rich nor popular, those promises are pretty hard to ignore.

But, I digress. (A little bit, anyways.)

The point I’m trying to make is this: It was that desire to be rich and internet-famous that, whether I wanted to admit it or not, was driving my combined decision and indecision.

I didn’t want to undertake something unless it was guaranteed to pay off in massive dividends and I it would help me double my income year-over-year.

To be honest, I almost didn’t do my first launch because the advice I’d received was to just do my first launch to only my mailing list.

While I was happy with the quality of the people on my mailing list, I wanted to go bigger and better.

I wanted to do a launch that involved handfuls of affiliate partners, social media ads, super complex automated email funnels and landing page sequences, and most importantly: massive amounts of profits and new subscribers to my email list.

But then… for some reason (probably impatience to just get my course out there), I did the tiny little launch to no one but my email list anyway.

And boy oh boy… did that ever get me to rethink some things.

During the launch itself, I ran into so many tech issues.

People who wanted to pay couldn’t pay at all because at some point in the setup I’d typed in “$197” for the cost instead of just “197” and selecting the USD drop-down.

Three students got charged twice for the course… who knows for what reason… and I had to send refunds.

One student was audacious enough to report to her bank that I’d run an unauthorized charge, and the bank put me under investigation. (Don’t worry – I didn’t do anything wrong and am totally in the clear.)

Immediately after the launch closed, I made my new website live and because of a corrupted database I had NO IDEA was corrupted, all my new students lost access to the course and I had to go on a rescue mission to give them back their course access.

So it was a fiasco, basically.

And can you IMAGINE what would have happened if I’d tried to do my first launch at a larger scale and still had all these problems? (And probably more?)

Oh Lordy.

I don’t even want to think about it.

Which Is Why I Kind of Changed My Mind About All These Fast Internet Riches

Look, I’ve still got goals to make a lot of money from my business. I’m not going to pretend like I don’t.

But what is life if you’re constantly striving, striving, striving to the point that you can’t even slow down to enjoy what you’ve already created for yourself?

Why do I have to be in a rush to pinch my finances so close so I can buy a house in six months when I can comfortably use that money for other life goals and buy a house a year or two later and STILL be super comfortable financially?

Because, yes, big goals are important to achieving big things… not only for yourself, but for the people you set out to help.

But in the scheme of things… what’s the point if you’re so hyper-focused on the end itself (money) instead of the means to that end (helping people)?

So I’m Taking a Step Back

And honestly, to someone following my blog and my business, it probably won’t even look like that.

Hell, it’ll probably actually look like I’m taking a step up.

But I’m taking a step back by removing the currently-impossible-to-achieve income goals plastered all over my home and office space.

I’m taking a step back by NOT expecting myself to make money, money, money just so I can accomplish all of life’s financial goals by 30.

And it’s by taking a step back that I can truly look around and see how I can make the best and biggest impact for my target audience.

I can see ways to help them that I might not have thought of before.

I can actually do list building strategies because I’m not trying to force myself to get to 10,000 subscribers ASAP and know that it’s okay if one particular method doesn’t pan out to give me a huge-ass subscriber list.

It’s kind of like Lululemon… they’ve royally pissed off Wall Street investors because they refuse to do “business things that you should do” like formal customer research so they can figure out how to sell more.

Instead, they don’t pay a damn bit of attention to that stuff and just focus on supporting their community and their love for yoga.

And you know what?

Those bitches (a term I use with the utmost endearment with only my dearest friends, and because have you seen how good they look working retail in white sports bras and leggings?!?) are #3 in the nation for revenue on a per-square-foot basis in retail. And the only stores that beat them are Apple and Tiffany & Co.*

*A 2012 statistic, but probably still pretty relevant, given my experience walking to the store 15 minutes from my apartment and having the staff treat me like an utter delight, even though I didn’t buy anything.

So that’s the irony of it all….

copy power

By letting go of the need to achieve more, I can actually DO more.

Instead of focusing on what I receive, I get to focus on what I give AND what those things are that give back to me.

It’s beautiful, really. And I’m so excited.


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