I realized the other day when I was planning some new YouTube videos that I’d already created and published twenty four of them. 24 videos!! 😲 That’s insane!

The reason I want to (and will) create more videos for my YouTube channel is to get more attention to my message, have more blog posts to publish, and therefore get people to read my website.

I already *kind of* knew I wasn’t making the most of my existing videos, but realizing I had 24 of them was A slap-in-the-face moment to show me that I really could be doing a better job at getting attention to my older content.

And honestly, I think a lot of us have that problem.

We write blog posts, publish them, maybe get interactions on them for a couple weeks, and then they just fall into the internet void.

Maybe we’re smart enough to keep sharing our old stuff on social media once in a while. (Maybe.)

But while social media sharing gets you some traffic, it doesn’t really do much to get actual worth out of that content for you. 😒

So you know you need to get more longevity and views from your old blog posts and content pieces… but the question is… how?

To be totally honest with you, the “how” part is a question I’m still answering, but I did discover a great way to get started.



When Josh at Interact got in touch with me for a possible collaboration, at first I didn’t think I had anything to offer them.

Maybe I’d offer ad space or do a cheesy sponsored post?

But neither of those are my style, and I really only ever want to publish something if it’s educational and it’s going to help you guys in some significant way.

So I was messing around on their quiz builder, trying out different ideas for different quizzes I could use for my business, when it dawned on me:

Use a quiz to TELL people what to read instead of letting them guess at it. 🤓💡

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty confident in my content and think that anything anyone reads on this site will benefit and entertain them… but still. Why not let people self-select and tell me who they are, so I can show them what’s most relevant to them?

And the beauty of it?

It could be content I published ages ago, and if I tell them this piece of content is going to be exactly what they need, they’ll read it.

Problem (somewhat) solved, right?

Sure, there are other things I’m sure I’ll start doing like showing video clips on Instagram and building out my email funnel to include links to my more relevant content… but still. This quiz idea was a stroke of genius, so I started making one immediately.



I decided to create my first quiz for the Copy Queens membership area so the people who joined new what content and trainings to look at first.

There’s a lot of content to choose from in Copy Queens, and since more and more gets added every month, it’s only going to get bigger and more confusing. Having a quiz to point people in the right direction seemed like the perfect way to make sure people got what they were looking for, didn’t get confused, and that even the older trainings got the attention they deserved.

You can play around with it here, if you want:

(I’m going to make more quizzes to help get more attention to my old YouTube videos and my older blog posts, but this was the quiz I decided to start with.)



Honestly guys, using Interact to make this quiz was suuuuuuper easy.

Once I knew the kind of quiz I wanted to create, I selected a template, created my “results” for the quiz, wrote my questions, and then assigned answers to different results.

It was so easy it was ridiculous.

Plus those pictures?!?

Interact works with Pixabay to show you images that are free to use, require no attribution, and that you can use for commercial purposes. (Like, you can use them to help you make money.) And you don’t even have to play the download/upload game. You just select them from within the Interact editor, and it’s SO EASY. (This image thing alone probably saved me at least an hour of work. 😅 Praise.)

And I know there are a handful of different quiz-making softwares out there, but honestly guys, Interact is SO easy to use, and they have a FREE plan that works perfectly for the purpose of pointing readers to your old content.

Honest to Goddess 🔮🧞‍♀️, I wouldn’t do a collaboration post like this unless I totally believed in the product and believed it would really help you out in your business, copywriting, and content endeavors.

Here’s how I created the quiz above, and how you can create your own quiz to get more attention to your older content:

Pretty damn cool, right?!?

If you feel like some of your older content could benefit from some more attention coming from interested quiz-takers, try out their free plan here & see how it works for you: https://www.tryinteract.com#oid=84684_4020.

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(Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to upgrade to a paid Interact plan, I may receive a commission… but, of course, at no extra cost to you.) 

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