Here’s something I’d like to start: publishing a collection of truly powerful copywriting from around the web at the end of each month.

New or old, doesn’t matter. Sales page, news story, manifesto, or Mommy-Blog post. Funny, serious, tear-jerking, or oh-my-god-I-must-pull-out-my-credit-card-now. Anything goes.

I’ll publish somewhere in the range of 5-7 pieces of powerful copywriting and some hints at why I feel they resonate so well with their readers. But I won’t make the explanations too deep because I’d like you to explore the pieces for yourself and form your own opinions, as well.

Here’s five that I’ve found for the month of January. Submissions for February accepted in the comments.

1. Unfollow

This is a story about a girl who grew up in Westboro Baptist Church. You know, those religious whackos we love to hate. And she was a sold-out member, adhering to every single one of her beliefs.

That is… until she realized she had an opinion deep within her that differed from the fundamentals she was taught.

And though we might totally disagree with the morals she was brought up under… as we read, we project ourselves onto her and her heart-wrenching story of knowing she’d have to hurt the people in the world she loved the most if she wanted to be true to herself.

We’ve all been at a turning point in our lives, establishing ourselves as something we’ve never been before, totally smashing the borders of our comfort zones, and it’s scary. Whether it’s losing religion, coming out, ending a long-term relationship, or leaving behind a secure job for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. None of it is easy and all of it makes us gut-wrenchingly queasy.

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2. The Fart That (Almost) Altered My Destiny

In “business” we like to keep things “professional.” Especially when we’re concerned about how we’re “perceived” “online.”

But it’s not just online that we want to be perceived as our best selves… we care about it in real life too, especially on dates with hot significant other prospects.

And for whatever reason, I don’t think we’ll ever stop having this fear of letting others see our true, unedited, disgusting selves. Even if we know that everyone else also has painful gas, we feel like if we admit that of ourselves, we’re somehow less, and therefore aren’t “winning” in life.

And this story speaks very strongly to that insecurity and then blows (pun intended) right past it.

And when you can relate to your readers on such a real level and make them feel okay about being themselves (100% themselves), they will love you FOREVER. Guarantee it.

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3. The Vegan Stoner

I’m no stoner, but I am a vegan. (And for the love of everything that’s delicious, let’s not sling insults at each other for our dietary choices. Yes, I get plenty of protein & iron, aight?)

But the simplicity of the way these recipes were written is really what had me hooked before I even tried one of the recipes. Though being vegan is not hard at all, I find that the public perception is just the opposite. “You’re vegan? But WHAT do you eat?!?”

The recipes are all made with easily-available ingredients and are all easy to make. Because the concept is this: vegan recipes that are filling enough to satisfy the munchies, super tasty, and simple enough for people who are stoned out of their minds to handle.

And who doesn’t want that in the kitchen?

I’m floored by the power of simplicity throughout this book. Really basic ingredient lists, and directions that are never more than 8 steps long. Everything, including the photo of the food, fits on one 8.25″ x 6″ page.

You’ll win every time if you can make something complicated simple enough for a high person to handle.

Plus, the artwork is really cool.

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4. Fuck Working Hard

When this came through in my Medium Daily Digest, I thought it would be another one of those navel-gazing pieces written for other navel-gazers about how much the structure of the corporate world pisses them off and doesn’t let them be authentic.

But when I saw one of my former roommates actually share this thing on his Facebook wall, I took notice and read it.

And I’m glad I did.

It’s very short, and yes, is a bit navel-gazing. But it’s also good.

And the reason it’s so good and that it got so popular was because it gave us confidence and permission to go ahead and live our lives the way we know we want to… which is something people are so, so desperate for.

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5. Why The Best Content Marketers Cringe at SEO Questions

“When I hear any of those questions, I always have to make sure they know what SEO means now—not in 2009.”

At nearly every turn in this article I felt my heart screaming “Yes, girl! Preach it!”

She explains theory without getting caught up in the loftiness of it. She keeps things practical, and without being condescending, quickly puts people following old-school online marketing advice in their place.

The internet needs more of this.

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