Happy Leap Day, lovelies!

February came and went, didn’t it?

Like, wasn’t yesterday Valentine’s Day? No? Ok…. 🙁

Fortunately though it was long enough to collect some pieces of share-worthy, powerful copy for you to read and take mental notes on.


1. How to Become the World’s Greatest Lover

Now THAT’s a hook, isn’t it?

This is a blog post on Zen Habits, and when I saw it come through my Blogger feed, it looked like this:

zen habits

The title, of course, and the fact that it published shortly after Valentine’s Day, makes you think of the romantic kind of love where you make your partner happy all the time and are put on a wonderful performance night after night between the sheets.

But beyond the hook, it resonates insanely well with the kind of people who read Zen Habits because it acknowledges the importance of romantic love in our lives. It takes us below the surface and reminds us of something deeper… of the reasons why we want to be “zen” in our lives… the entire reason we started following the Zen Habits feed in the first place.

And any time you can do that with your copy, you’ve hit a home run.


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copy power


2. Humans of New York


If you don’t follow this account on Facebook, start.

Because more than just the fact that Brandon (they guy behind this project) does the most incredible job of creating awareness of the humanity around us, he knows how to tell a damn good story, too.

He knows exactly where to start and end a quote.

He gives you the full impact of the meaning of someone’s story in the most succinct manner possible.

And if you’ve ever checked out any of the other copycat accounts from cities in other parts of the world, you’ll see very quickly that this is a true talent that’s often under-appreciated. Some of these accounts are equally beautiful, yes, but many just beat a dead horse with the wall of text they publish alongside their pictures.


3. Messages from Ellen

“What an exciting weekend! I’ve got foam fingers on both hands for the Super Bowl. So far, it’s taken me 8 minutes to write this much.”

If I were retire tomorrow, the first thing I’d do is get cable and watch Ellen’s show every day. For now, though, video clips in my Facebook feed have to suffice.

I love watching what I can of her show because she’s funny, quirky, and as President Obama put it, “just really likable.”

So when I signed up for her email list, I was not disappointed.

The things she (or one of her staff members) writes are full of the quirky, corny types of jokes she whips out on her show. I read it and I hear her voice immediately in the back of my head. How’s that for incredible brand recognition?


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4. Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club

When Dollar Shave Club decided they wanted to sell to women as well as men, they said “screw it” to the notion that they needed to expand their product line to include more feminine-looking razors to do it.

We’ve all heard of the pink tax and how bogus it is. And since these razor experts know that all razors are the same regardless of the color of the plastic holding the blades, so they started selling their exact same product line to an entirely different segment of customers and doubled their customer and revenue potential.

With these ads, they challenge your thought pattern, get you to agree with them, and are very successful with it. They got me to click through.


5. Not All Money is Created Equal

The basic idea behind this post… aimed at those of us who are budget-conscious… is to let us know that sometimes, it’s okay to spend a significant chunk of money on things that will make our lives, businesses, and self confidence SO MUCH BETTER.

It helps you get over the idea of “cost” as a bad thing and shows you that in exchange for cost and a decreased bank account, you often get value that you can’t put a price tag on.

Which is good, because at the end of the post she mentions a coaching program that isn’t cheap.

But sometimes, that’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to break down mindsets to pave the way for your product and the value you deliver to take hold, and this post does a great job of that.


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