Special Edition: Hooks

This month’s Powerful Copy is all about hooks.

Hooks are the very first pieces of text—which are usually pretty large—that people see when they land on our websites.

Hooks help determine that initial first impression that’s made in seven seconds or less.

So that’s what we’re gong to look at today.

Hooks that totally kick ass and take names. Hooks that, if decisions were made on hooks alone, would absolutely leave their competition lying in the dust.

So let’s get right into it, shall we?

1. Lyft

Lyft doesn’t waste time talking about their fancy features or bragging about how popular their services are.

Instead, they cut to the chase. They get to the heart of the exact reason why a potential driver would be on their site… to make decent money on their own terms.

They’re evoking all the strong emotions that come attached with the security more money provides, and abating fears attached to the commitment of a “job” by telling people they can choose their own hours.

Who wouldn’t want to sign up to be a driver? Even if you’ve already got your dream job?



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2. Intercom

Intercom uses both text and imagery as a part of their hook’s “copywriting.”

When you read the line “Communicating with customers shouldn’t be this hard,” you kind of think “huh?” for a split second before your eyes travel to the image to the right of it.

Then you see what they’re talking about.

Apps, email, marketing automation autoresponders, live chat, and the help desk.

That’s when you get it. Right, there are probably

Right, there are probably a million ways you communicate with your customers, and though you try to do a good job with all of them, you know meaning and productivity is getting lost in the noise of it all.

So when your eye moves from the complex image to the simple image, you automatically feel a sense of relief.


And then as soon as that sense of relief is delivered, Intercom tells you “With Intercom it’s simple and personal for everyone.”

Which is what you know you want, really. So of course you’re intrigued to learn more.


3. PayAnywhere

Like Lyft, PayAnywere doesn’t waste time talking about all the cool features of the product they’re selling.

Instead, they’re telling their prospects that they can do the exact thing they know they want to do… especially if they’ve come to the point of landing on PayAnywhere’s website… which is to accept payments anywhere.

Plus, they use a picture to actually show it happening.

This helps their potential client cut through the clutter of all the information their competition is throwing at them. Plus, it helps prospects choose the thing they need the most without spending so much mental energy processing everything.

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4. AppCard

AppCard knows the reason small businesses are interested in an app-based loyalty program is to abate this worry:

That they’re losing their customer base to big box stores with much larger marketing budgets than they’re able to afford.

They don’t propagate that fear to “scare” their customers into learning more about their service (which is their call to action in this screen), but instead speak to it by immediately alleviating it… speaking to core human desires surrounding sales and money in a positive way.


5. DocuSign

Rather than getting creative and cutesy, DocuSign gets straight to the point of social proof.

They only show this version of their home page to people they know are real estate professionals, telling them that 115,000 of their peers are happy customers.

“115,000 Real Estate Pros can’t be wrong”

Can’t really argue with that, can you?

Plus with a 14 day free trial to see for yourself, there’s really no reason you wouldn’t sign up based on this hook.


And Now to Announce… An End to Powerful Copy

Yes, my beautiful peeps, you read that right. And I’m sorry.

Powerful Copy only had four short-lived editions.

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