Yes, that is a direct pitch for help.

No, I am not kidding.

My biggest task in growing my business right now is building up a larger audience, and past data has shown me that podcasts work really well.

They connect me with great people (like you!) to write my blog posts & make my videos for.

Plus, I really just want to get my message and my easy copywriting tips that’ll help well-meaning entrepreneurs out there. I want more good people to be successful, so I want them to have my copywriting tips.

And in the past, podcast interviews have been THE BEST way for me to do that.

I always have fun chatting with the podcast host, and I also ALWAYS get emails from listeners about how much the copywriting and/or business advice I shared helped them out. How they were able to improve their websites & their marketing copy so that it “feels” better AND makes them more money.

Here’s proof:


Plus, I’m super kind and a totally pleasurable guest.


Do you have a podcast?

I’d love to be on it!

Do you have a cool biz or niche podcast you ADORE & think my copywriting advice would be a good fit for their audience?

Recommend me to the host!

I have a handful of friends with podcasts (and YES, those interviews are in the works!), and they LOVE IT when their listeners reach out with recommendations of people to have on the show.

They, as podcasters, are there to help YOU, their audience member. That’s why they started their show in the first place. So you letting them know how they can help you—and other audience members just like you—gets you TOTAL brownie points in their book, and you immediately become one of their favorite listeners. (And if you let me know that you recommended me to a show or CC me in the message, I’ll totally do my best to give you a shoutout in the interview!)


Here are things I’m happy to talk about on any podcast:

  • Copywriting for non-writers
  • How to stand out in a crowded niche where everyone seemingly does the exact same thing & says the exact same thing
  • Specific copywriting advice for specific niches (Like coaching, fitness, photography, developers, web design, real estate, marketing agencies, health care, etc.)
  • Easy-peasy exercises non-writers can use to write great copy that gets results
  • Easy SEO for people who don’t have time to deal with it
  • Landing five-figure contracts as a freelancer
  • Content strategy to engage readers & drive action. (I once got a client 12,000 signups from five emails and a landing page!)
  • Email marketing & how to do a good job at it as a solopreneur
  • Productivity & ways to save SERIOUS time that don’t involve hiring an assistant


Here are some of my past interviews:


I’d LOVE your recommendation, and absolutely promise to pay it forward. (Or who knows, maybe even pay it back to you directly!)

The world needs good businesses to be more successful, and my tips can help them get there.

If you need, here’s a basic email you can copy & paste to send to your fave podcast host or two to make it easy for you:


Subject: Someone really cool you should interview on your podcast


[NAME OF SHOW] listener here, want to say that I’m a total fan of your show and love your interviews, especially the one with [NAME OF RECENT INTERVIEWEE].

I also wanted to pop in and recommend Chelsea Baldwin from Copy Power as someone to interview, because I think she’d be a great fit for our listener community.

She runs Copy Power, which is a business all about helping non-writer entrepreneurs get the kind of voice, messaging, and copywriting they need to make a bigger impact with their work and get more attention.

I know a lot of copywriters are really cool, but I especially like the way she teaches things – she makes the concepts really easy to understand, and gives a lot of great exercises to do that don’t feel like “writing” that still yield amazing website copy.

I think, in particular, it’d be great if you could talk to her about [THING YOU’D LIKE TO HEAR MOST ABOUT – CHOOSE FROM LIST OF EXAMPLES ABOVE.]

Her email is, or I’m happy to make an introduction between you two!

Hope you’re having a great day & can’t wait for your next episode!



Yes, I’m being shameless in asking for this help. But no, I don’t care.

I know the world will be a better place when better businesses & blogs can get the attention they deserve, and I know I’ve got a skill and a talent to help them get there. Plus, I just really care about helping good people, and this is the way I can best do that in the world.

So, whaddya say?

Recommend me? 😉

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