When you decide to launch something, your emotions can usually be summed up in one of two ways:

  • Pee-your-pants excited
  • Shit-yourself scared

A “happy medium” in this instance is pretty hard to come across.

(Unfortunately for your pants.) 

It’s understandable: you’re launching something that’s been your brain child for ages, and while you want to put it out in the world, you’re scared it’ll get rejected.

You know it could make you shit-loads of money, change the world for the better, and even be THAT life-changing thing people swear by for years to come.

But you also know no one may give a rat’s ass about it, that your hard work could get ignored, and that you might not break even. Terrible launches happen all the time, after all, and yours could be just another story of failure to add to the pile.




Let’s be real: all the planning in the world won’t save a bad product.

But I’ve spent the last year helping people launch things from websites to full-fledged businesses to monthly membership programs to brain child courses. (And I even launched a couple courses of my own.)

And I can tell you this: people who take time to PLAN their launch copy in advance have SO MUCH MORE success than people who just try to do it on the fly.

Even I did one planned launch and one launch on the fly last year, and saw a noticeable difference in engagement and sales.

(Hint: the planned launch got WAY more attention and made WAY more money.)

*So cue me pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nose, getting out a HUGE planner, a stack of post-its, and my favorite click-to-open ballpoint pen with jet black ink.* IT’S PLANNING TIME.

launch copy

Because when you take time to PLAN out what you’re going to say to the people you want to sell to… You take time to CARE how you sound to them. 

You make sure you lead them through a thought process that makes sense and involves more than just “Hey, here’s my cool new product! Buy it because I’m awesome!”

When you think about HOW your sales page, your email sequences, your webinars, your upsell offers, and your blog posts fit into the larger picture, everything starts to come together WAY more seamlessly than you could have ever thought possible. 

And you realize that while sales pages and the things the entire public can read on your website are important, the email sequences are where the real magic happens. And because you know that, you give them the attention they deserve, and stop flippantly writing things like “Hey y’all, the cart’s closin’ tomorrow, so yeh better buy ‘er now if ya want in!!”




You get more attention. You get more engagement from your audience than you’ve had in ages. And you make more sales.

So to help you in that planning, I’ve put together a set of launch copy checklists. They’re a $50 value, but I’m offering them for free, because I’m tired of well-meaning people like you having less-than-successful launches for products, services, and businesses that deserve more.

So that instead of opening your sales portal to see no one cared to show up and buy, you’ll feel like Beyonce on stage in front of raving fans who’d pay anything to see her. 

launch copy

The first checklist is for basic launches. It’s useful if you’re launching something that’s $500 or less and/or it’s your first launch and you just want to learn how these things work.

The second is a bit more intensive, and it’s for a desire-boosting launch. For when you want to create desire before you ever even announce your product, but you don’t want to be cheesy about it. 

And the third checklist is for an all-out launch bonanza. It’s for when you’ve got affiliates involved, you’re doing webinars to get attention, when you’ve got downsell and upsell offers, and for when you want each action someone takes in your launch funnel to trigger a different email sequence. 

It’s an amazing tool to help you plan, so if you want to do a launch any time soon, you’ll want to download it.

Get the launch checklists!

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