Other Policies

Refund Policy

Work produced by Copy Power, LLC for its clients will be produced with the utmost care and consideration for your brand, your voice, and your company’s marketing and sales goals.

When a copywriting or marketing service is booked, a down payment on that service (25% to 50%) will be collected upfront. This is to block off large blocks of space in our calendar that will be dedicated to the production of your work, with attention given to no one else… not Facebook, not email, not cute little puppies… even our cell phones get turned off. Because of this time being blocked off for only your purpose, this deposit is non-refundable.

A refund will only be given on the deposit amount if for some reason we see that we will be unable to complete your work ahead of time, in which case we will happily (though regretfully, because we would have loved to work with you) refund your money. But such cases are so exceedingly rare that they haven’t even happened yet.

Payments on the rest of the service amount will be collected as outlined in a contract agreement, signed and agreed upon by both parties (Copy Power and the client).

After a period of a certain number of business days (usually 7, but will be specified in the contract agreement) after the final draft of each section of the contract agreement is completed and there are no revision requests, refunds for that work will not be granted.

If there are revision requests, every effort will be made to get you exactly what you need and are looking for.

Refunds requests, if meeting above guidelines, will be processed within 15 business days. The time it will take to receive the money back in full will depend on the third party’s guidelines. We usually process payments with PayPal.

Commenting Policy

At times, comments will be opened on certain blog posts and other pages of the site, though the opening and closing of comments is up to the discretion of the site owner.

Comments are welcome if they contribute to the conversation at hand, are non-promotional, and are not direct insults aimed at other commenters.

We do not discriminate comments based on race, gender, religion, location, sexual preference, hair color, music preference, or whether you prefer espresso or decaf. (Or anything, really. We love everyone here and welcome you all to be a part of our conversations when we have the capacity to open one.)

What we do discriminate against are trolls and spammers. So spam will be deleted (or never published in the first place – our filter will catch you!), and so will those direct, troll-like insults that we mentioned earlier.

We want to hear your ideas, answer your questions, and go off on tangents with you. But only if you’re being nice & respectful of the opinions of other commenters and you aren’t trying to sell us weight loss pills, ski jackets, or whatever the heck else your boss might be paying you to spam about.

We like to give fair chances to everyone, but too many insults or spam posts from you may result in you being blocked from commenting.

Right now, the parties deciding what constitutes spam and/or an insult include Akismet and yours truly (Chelsea Baldwin). And because there is a human element responsible for comment approvals, please don’t get your panties in a wad if your comment doesn’t publish immediately. (Though I will do my best to get it live quickly.) Because it very well might not, especially if it is your first time commenting.

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