When the phrase, “I can’t right now, my mind is pooping,” came out of my mouth, I knew I had to write a blog post about it.

If you’re an entrepreneur reading this, you’re probably familiar with the whole “improve your money mindset” bit floating around entrepreneurial circles right now.

It’s actually been going on for quite a while, and I first “got on the train” in April 2016, when I needed to manifest a couple thousand dollars fast for a tax bill. (Long story short, this training came to my rescue & I had all the money I needed squared away within 48 hours.)

And, of course, after making more money in 48 hours than ever before, I knew I might be onto something, so I kept casually trying different tactics & watching YouTube videos about it.

I’ll save you the long story of exactly how deep I’ve gone into this, but I will tell you I just finished a 7-month mastermind with the UK’s leading money mindset expert.

And as we were reaching the end of this mastermind, I was feeling frustrated as fuck.

Great things were happening, but profit-wise, it seemed like things were only getting worse for the last few months… and when things get tight with money, I start to freak out. (Because, duh? We all need money to pay for a place to live and food to eat and to not be boring recluses that have no friends and no social life.)

At the same time, I was reaching the middle point of my taper off the anti-depressants I started taking in March because I got really, really sick. I was feeling good, but then had a day where ALL the emotional shit hit the fan. (So much so that I was actually scared the god-awful depression was coming back.)

I was plagued with some horrible negative thoughts, and not knowing what to do, I took some time off from working & just wrote them out on paper so I could “release” them. I was already thinking them anyway, so it wasn’t like I was leading myself down a negative path, because I was already there.

So I wrote down pages & pages & pages of negative thoughts, spoke them out loud to release them, crossed them out, and then shredded all the paper.

And then I took a nap.

I felt a lot better.

And then, a couple hours later when I was in the middle of a circuit workout at the gym, I had another negative thought and told myself, “Oh, I need to let my brain poop that out as soon as I get home.”

Odd thought, I know. But it helped me remember to do it, and as soon as I got home, I had another “brain poop” and wrote down even more negative, false, and limiting thoughts down on paper to release.



But here’s the thing with a money mindset practice that ALL the teachers teach, but that I think is so hard for all of us practitioners to grasp:

The work is boring, dull, and feels like a drudge.

You’ve got to do it every day, or your start to feel like crap.

Kind of like pooping.

Not the most exciting part of your day, but if you don’t do it regularly, every day, you’re not going to be healthy.

Your crap is going to sit inside you, stew up toxins from rotting food that’s not serving you anymore, and make you sick.

So to avoid that, we all eat fiber to make sure we have at least one “flush out” per day.

And it’s the same with your mindset.



  • Every day, you feed your body with food.
    • (And your brain with thoughts, affirmations, and ALL THE THINGS you see, are told, and take in with your five senses.)
  • Every day, your body processes what you give it, takes what it needs to be healthy, and expels the rest.
    • (Same with your brain.)
  • Every day, you take your body to the toilet, and give it time to release what it no longer wants. And if you’re healthy, you do this multiple times per day.
    • (Same for your brain.)

The thing is, most of us get hung up on that last step with our brains.

We don’t realize it’s responsible for processing SO MUCH that gets fed to it – some of which is beneficial, and a lot of which isn’t.

And instead of letting our brains poop, we hold all those thoughts in, tell our brains to “hold it,” and ignore our urges to release the thoughts that don’t serve us anymore.

And just like our bodies, our brains start to get affected by all the poison & negativity we hold in when we don’t let it out.

We get constipated, and even if we try to feed our brain healthy things (like positive thoughts and affirmations), there’s no room for them to go, so they just sort of bounce right back out.

So if we want to create room in our brain’s belly for the good stuff, we have to let it poop out all that bad stuff.

See what I mean?

And when you first start pooping (with your body or your brain) after not doing it for a really, really long time, it’s going to be nasty, painful, and gross.

There’s going to be stuff that comes out that makes you think WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, AM I EVEN A HUMAN RIGHT NOW, OR AM I A HARBOR FOR SOME KIND OF ALIEN TAKEOVER?!?

You might have to “force” it out with everything in you because you’re so constipated…. OR you might “unplug” once, and then have constant, random bursts of diarrhea that you can’t seem to contain no matter what you do.

And for at least a few days, it’s not going to be fun.

But you will start to feel better, you will start to feel lighter, and you WILL finally have room to put in all those healthy, happy, positive thoughts that are GOOD for your brain and that contribute to a positive mindset.



Before I had this poop-based revelation, I’d heard money mindset teachers say that taking care of your money mindset should be as regular & reliable (& as non-glamorous) as your daily hygiene routine.

After all, hygiene is hygiene, and it’s not necessarily fun. But it is a necessary discipline if you want to be clean and healthy…. so we all do it even if we don’t enjoy it.

And while we all know you can go a day or two without a shower, we all also know that you feel kind of disgusting and your hair looks gross… and your armpits maybe start to stink a little.

So, I don’t know if my “mindset pooping” is just going to become part of my morning routine, or if I’ll just be the kind of person who does it throughout the day as I feel the urge, but I do know that I’m going to be doing it. Every. Damn. Day. No matter what.

Because a shitty mindset that makes me sad, frustrated, and pissed off at every little thing in my life just is not worth it.

And to hell with being poor & unsuccessful & unhappy just because I have the wrong thoughts in my brain.

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