Guys, please tell me I’m not the only one whose seen an insane influx of “mindset” coaches on Instagram.

(And also, please tell me I’m not the only sucker buying into it all. #guilty #sorrynotsorry)

Here’s what I mean, in case you’re unfamiliar:

It’s all based in the “law of attraction” stuff that people got all in a tizzy about in 2006 when The Secret came out.

And the premise is this:

  • You attract what you think about.
  • Like attracts like, in other words.
  • What you think about becomes your reality. Good or bad. (So…. you can see why this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, right?)

And I first came across all this “mumbo jumbo,” it was about two and a half years ago, and I’d just filed my tax bill and realized I owed at least $2,000 more than I’d saved up to pay said tax bill. (I don’t remember the exact amount now, but for someone who’d only made less than $40,000 that year, it was a significant chunk of money that I had to come up with STAT.)

I’ll save you all the cheesy details, but basically, that weekend, I came across a “Manifest Money in 24 Hours” training by Denise Duffield Thomas, and in a moment of “What the hell, I really don’t have anything to lose here,” I tried it, and had all the money I needed to cover that bill and then some within 48 hours.


Which was pretty damn impressive, if you ask me.

And since I was so desperate, and clearly not exactly rolling in the dough otherwise… I got hooked.

I got REALLY INTO clearing my mindset and setting myself up to expect good things, and for the most part, it’s served me really well.

But there’s a scientific backside to why this “mindset” stuff works so well for the people who try it that can give you MAJOR insights into your marketing and your messaging, so that’s what I want to talk about today.

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A Tale of Two Dudes

So here’s the profile of Dude #1: He’s an insecure, awkward guy walking into a room FULL of people. A networking event, let’s say.

Since he’s insecure and awkward, the thoughts running his head are probably somewhere along the lines of:


  • Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to do this.
  • I hate these things.
  • No one ever talks to me anyway… why do I even bother showing up?
  • I always say something stupid and make a fool of myself.
  • I wish I could just go home.


And since our mind and body are connected, these thoughts are also affecting his physical posture.

He’s slumping down & closing in on his heart as a primitive way to “protect himself” from the inevitable “pain” of the networking event.

He’s not charging into the middle of the crowd, and introducing himself right into the most animated, lively, important conversation in the room.

He’s hugging the walls and his eyes are darting around for the quickest, easiest escape.

Because of this, he’s not fully present in any conversations he actually does end up having.

And because of all this body posture combined, people are responding to him differently. Whether they know it or not.

Because when you see someone physically closing in on himself, shutting himself off from your advances, and with suspicious, darting eyes, you stay away. Your brain probably won’t even consciously process those facts, but it does process them, because first and foremost, we’re survival-driven human beings with ingrained, animalistic instincts.


Now, the tale of the second dude: 

Dude #2 is confident. Aside from the awkwardness of puberty in adolescence, he pretty much has been his whole life.

He shows up to the same networking event as Dude #1.

And rather than walking in all awkward and insecure, he walks in excited about all the cool people he might meet and what opportunities they might present him.

After all, he usually lands 1-2 customers per networking event he goes to, so why would this one be any different?

And just like Dude #1’s thoughts affected his posture, so do Dude #2’s.

Instead of eyes darting around looking for an easy exit, his eyes dart around looking excitedly for his first conversation buddy. When you lock eyes with him, instead of quickly looking away like Dude #1, his eyes lock on yours and he smiles.

And instead of having slumped-over body posture to “protect” himself, he opens himself up. He stands a little taller, his shoulders are back, and his presence is easy and relaxed… letting you know that you can be easy and relaxed around him too.

And so, because of this, people react to him MUCH differently than they react to Dude #1.

Both dudes had the exact same opportunity walking into this event, but one hated every moment of it and basically wasted his time. The other one made some great connections and probably got another customer, per usual.

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🎵 Let’s Get (meta) Physical, (meta) Physical 🎵

In The Tale of Two Dudes above, it’s pretty easy to see WHY each dude’s “mindset” manifested very different physical realties for them, isn’t it?

It’s obvious.

Even if it isn’t “obvious” to the other humans in the room reacting to them, it’s obvious to YOU because you know what’s going on inside each dude’s mind.

So metaphysically speaking, doesn’t it just make sense that “universal energy” or “the things we want to attract” would respond to our metaphorical posture towards them in the same way, wouldn’t it?

If your thoughts around something that you “want” are really that it’s too hard to earn, that you don’t deserve it, or that it was only for “other” people, you can see how your subsequent behavior coming out of those thoughts would sabotage you having what you actually want, right?

And that if instead you assumed something was easy to get, that your work deserved it, and that you could have it just because you wanted it…. your thoughts wouldn’t manifest themselves into postures or actions that would really be your mind subconsciously sabotaging you.

See what I mean?

I know, 🤯. Whether you think I’m totally on-point or totally crazy right now, it’s still a 🤯 moment.


What this Mindset Mumbo Jumbo Has to Do With Your Marketing

Here’s the thing: when you’re marketing yourself online, you’re either the equivalent of Dude #1 or Dude #2 in the massive “networking event” known as the internet.

So all of this “mindset” mumbo jumbo actually has A LOT to do with your marketing.


And in the Copy Power agency, we see it every day.

A business or entrepreneur comes to us, and while they’re kind of successful, it’s not really happening like they want it to. And after A LOT of investigation and A/B testing, they’ve pinpointed that their copywriting is the reason why. So they reach out to us for help.

And after talking to them for a while and getting to understand their story, we realize how amazing and fully competent they are in their own niche.

But when it comes to copywriting and creating long-term marketing plans…. ehhhhhhh.

They’d rather pull their own tooth out than face the task of re-writing their website copy again.

And when they sat down to do their writing the last time, they “knew” it was going to be hard…. so it WAS hard.

They “knew” they wouldn’t be able to write amazing copy on their own, so they couldn’t and they didn’t write amazing copy on their own.

But the thing is… writing great copy doesn’t have to be hard. (And I knew this LONG before I ever got into all the mindset stuff.)

It’s why I published the Write a Better Website Course nearly two years ago, and why it’s still one of my favorite things I sell.

It’s also why the people who use my copywriting trainings get AMAZING results with the stuff they write with it.

Basically, I take you out of your own head so your “negative thoughts” can’t hold you back, show you ways to write great website copy without FEELING like you’re writing web copy (and therefore without wanting to pull your own tooth out), and before you know it, you’ve got a website that makes you PROUD to hand out your business card.

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