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  • Fresh, stand-out copy that’s better than anyone else’s in your niche.
  • FINALLY get & keep the attention you deserve.
  • Greater ease & flow when advertising & marketing to new customers.

Write a Better Website includes 9 videos, over 4 hours of instructional content, and a comprehensive workbook to guide you through the whole thing. 

It’s helped hundreds of people improve their website copy & truly stand out amongst the competition, and it can help you too.

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The Write a Better Website course completely changed the way I write for the better. It challenged me to ‘get real’ and creative. Instead of just launching into writing and blindly using the jargon and overused phrases rattling around in my brain, I am able to stretch beyond that and get my message across in a way that’s truly ‘me.’ 

Not only that, but her editing tips saved my sanity. Chelsea’s course is like brain yoga for people who want to rewrite their website and remember why they started their business in the first place.

Allison Dayton

I’ve finished updating my site with your Copy Power course and I love it! 

I’ve been getting more compliments when I send my site to designers I work with like, “I really like your website. It’s so well written. I’ll have to hire you when I update my site.” 

It’s the first time I feel like my site copy is a genuine reflection of me speaking in a relevant way to the people I want to work with. 

Thanks for providing such a helpful framework for me.

Hannah Glenn

🔒 100% secure. We never share your email information.

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