The first time I heard a writer say she was “killing her darlings” in her book edits, I thought, “Damn.”

Like, that’s a helluva statement, isn’t it?!?

Killing your babies?!? Your precious darlings!? And you’re comparing that to what’s essentially a business decision?!?

Do you even love children, you evil, evil soul?!?

But this week, I got confronted in the realest way I ever have in business. EVER.

And it sucked. It was so uncomfortable, and yesterday, it made me cry like a baby. Literally.

You see, I just spent the last month of my life doing my biggest launch ever. It lasted three weeks, and the marketing for it was onĀ fire. 🔥 (In a good way, I couldn’t stop the positive responses coming in if I tried.)

And I ran the numbers with my coach, and even with my LOWEST conversion rates, it would be a $17,000 launch.

At my highest conversion rate, I would have sold out completely, and it would have been anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 in profit.

But guess how much profit I made?


That’s right.

Not one single sale.

Not one single sale from the thing I’d sold & marketed and done so well with in the past. From my darling…. the thing I’d dreamed about creating and finally brought into being.

Not one single sale from the thing that, more than anything in my business, I put my heart & soul into & kept showing up for, even when it didn’t show up for me.

So I’m killing Copy Queens.

If you’re a Copy Queens member, don’t worry – there’s a version you’ll still have access to at your current membership rate where you still get everything you’re paying for, but in different formats & different frequencies. (I’ll be sending you an email soon, and you can decide what to do with your membership–either keep it or cancel–with no hard feelings.)

But from this point forward, Copy Queens will not be for sale again.

But while I was mourning the loss of my darling, I realized that businesses cut product offerings all the time. And it’s nothing personal, and nothing particularly special. It just is. Business as usual.

So that’s it: I’m killing my darling.

And while I’ll miss her, truth be told, I’m kind of relieved.

She never really quite “delivered” for me the way I thought she would or the way I wanted her to.

And for the money she made me, she was quite demanding in comparison. I always thought that the day would come & she’d grow to something more sustainable, and we’d live together happily ever after.

But if NO ONE bought in on this last launch, this one that should have been a no-brainer minimum of $17,000, it’s clear that that day wouldn’t come.

Or if it ever did come… it’d be a lot more trouble than it was worth to make it happen.

And, honestly, I’d rather put my energies elsewhere… into something that will help me more AND help my audience more, because that’s the whole reason I’m here, after all.

Anyway, it wasn’t all for loss.

I did get to help lots of people over the last 11 months, and I’m so glad for it & proud of it.

The content inside of Copy Queens is still ah-may-zing, and I am still going to keep it & re-purpose the most helpful half of it into something bigger, better, and more productive, for me and the people I’m creating it for.

And even though it might be “too soon” after the older darling died, I’m brining the new darling to light starting Monday. (And giving you a chance to get in on her too, at a discounted price. Because early bird gets the worm and all that jazz, ya know?)

So keep your eyes peeled – an amazing change is coming soon.

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