In case you haven’t noticed yet, yes. I am at a new url.

I’ve moved from, and now I’m at to reflect the fact that I’ve set up and am now operating under Copy Power, LLC, and not just Chelsea Baldwin anymore.

(I can feel your congratulations. Thank you, thank you very much :* )

My reasons for doing so were plenty: I may want to scale things up in the future, and I now get to protect my personal assets from my business assets if any of you turds ever decides to sue me being chief among them.

But getting back to the point.

I set up a new site. (And created a new freebie, which you can get here.)


free copywriting course

copy power

And though I have the same copy I had before, I knew I really wanted to refine the feel of my site.

I wanted it to feel classy. Powerful. Sexy.

Like you land on it and you want it.

I wanted to make my readers feel more like their classy, powerful, sexy, smart selves.

Obviously, I’m still making progress here… I don’t even have a banner image yet.

But I’m all about taking steps in the right direction, so I decided to choose a new font.

Because apparently, font is important. Even if you don’t realize it.

For example, at Carolina Freelance Writer, I loved the copy, but no matter what font I tried, I felt like I couldn’t ever get the right fit.

It either felt too childish, or too professional and therefore too boring.

So, before I started plastering things from Carolina Freelance Writer over to Copy Power, I bought a DIY web design course.

As of now, I’ve only gone through the sections on color and font… and haven’t yet applied the color parts of the lesson… so please be nice and bear with me.

But as I was reading through the material, I saw something that stuck out to me.

If you use choose a new serif font in italics and ALL CAPS, it denotes high fashion.

Before I even finished reading that sentence, I knew that’s what I was going to do with my header on COPY POWER.

No, this is not a couture site.

But high fashion does denote all the feelings I’m going after: class, power, prestige, sex, elegance, and self-selecting elite status.

High fashion gets remembered, and it influences all the other fashion surrounding it, simply by existing. (And that’s what we all want with our businesses, isn’t it?)

Because I might be sitting here right now in purple polka-dot leggings, a black and white striped t-shirt, a non-sexy messy bun, and mis-matched fuzzy socks because my feet got cold, but when it comes to my business?

I want to feel real damn classy about it.

And I want to help others feel that way about their businesses, too.

Because let’s face it. We’re all either entrepreneurs, really smart department heads, or some of the best up-and-coming executives the world has ever seen.

We know what we want to accomplish, and we don’t take shit from anyone who tries to get in our way.

Entrepreneur or not, we’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit that simply just does not mess around with haters.

We might be humble enough to work our asses off day in and day out to see our visions come to life, but we’ve still got that attitude that lets others know that we’re not playing by the man’s rules.

Because a life lived by those rules is tedious and unexciting. Not what we signed up for when we slid out of the womb and into this life.

Like high fashion, we do whatever the hell we want and we make it work. We make no apologies about it.

We announce our presence with a bang and hope to the heavens that our work sticks.

copy power

And you know what? Most of the time, it does.

And apparently, the right fonts… especially when you pair them with the right colors and images… can help convey that message, that presence, and that feeling before someone ever even reads a word of your copy.


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