But I gave up that swanky corporate career to get away from 9-hour Saturdays & to help awesome people like you do more good in the world… and get the customers (and cash) you deserve.

“She’s the best!”
-Stuart Walker, Niche Hacks

“Copy Power understands my needs and is very good at what they provide.” -Alan Monday, Stylish Nautical Living
“Chelsea did a wonderful job… I cannot wait to see how the copy she wrote will help my website!” – Austen Redinger, Anything Cartoon
“Chelsea is just simply a remarkable asset to have on your team.” -Stephen Parnell, Every Visa

Get in touch with me to set up a call and get a spot in my calendar.

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AKA: The “I’m everything you ever needed all rolled into one” deal

  • Only $2,000 / month
  • I become your 24/7 on-call content strategist, which means:
    • Up to one phone call per day / five days per week
    • 24/7 availability via text, email & project management dashboard for your entire team
    • Monthly data reviews & week-by-week improvement plans
    • 50% discount on my courses

A 3-Month Agreement Includes: 

  • Free Emotion-Invoking Phrase Discovery Exercise & employee training video + supporting swipe file documents
  • Team orientation to working with me and Q&A on swipe file use
  • Month 1: Includes all the above, a data review & a 3-6 month content strategy plan to get us on the right track to #killingit with your company’s content. 
  • Automated content promotion & management.
  • 15% discount on done-for-you writing services

On-Site Copy Teardown

  Book a one-hour call with me at $50 off my hourly rate & we’ll do a deep-dive into your existing copy & quick fixes on how to improve it. This is for you if:

  • You’re tired of your copy being “good enough” but not truly wow-ing the people it’s written to impress.
  • You just want better results, already.
  • You’ve always kind of wanted to work with me, but haven’t had the time for a one-month project and/or the budget.
  • You have an open mind and aren’t too attached to anything you’ve already written. This isn’t a precious-flower poetry class, and I WILL tell you the truth about what needs to happen for better resonance & conversions.

Mini Power Trip

  • Mini version of Emotion-Invoking Phrase Discovery Exercise
  • Landing Page
  • Sales Page
  • Home page or About page

Read more about this service here. ($2,000 – a $391 savings from ordering a la carte)

*Power trip packages are for pre-existing pieces & layouts only. Read the link above for more info.

Mega Power Trip

  • Emotion-Invoking Phrase Discovery Exercise
  • 3 Landing page-focused ad copies (on any platform)
  • Landing page for lead magnet
  • The lead magnet’s intro & call to action
  • 3 emails in an autoresponder sequence building up to sales page
  • 3 retargeting ads pointing leads to a sales page (any platform)
  • Sales page
  • 3 retargeting ads to get sales page visitors back to the sales page (any platform)
  • A home page or about page

Read more about his service here. ($4,197 – a 40%, or $2,531, savings from ordering a la carte)

*Power trip packages are for pre-existing pieces & layouts only. Read the link above for more info.

Sales Page Power Punch: $5,500

In this package, I write a sales page for you, but I also lay it out for you, from within your own WordPress dashboard, on Leadpages or Thrive Themes. 

This way, you know my words are being displayed for maximum impact on your site visitors, and there’s no confusing back & forth between me, you, and the designer.

Includes five suggested A/B tests for optimized conversions.

Options of adding a monthly conversion management by yours truly or working with a custom, specialized web designer who’s one of my coolest friends.

On-Site Micro Text: $597/page

Ever go to a website and just eat it up because of all the cutesy, wonderful things written in the opt-in form fields, the text that shows up when you hover over an icon, or the error text when you accidentally enter an invalid email?

You can have that kind of website too.

With this package, I’ll take the existing pages of your choice and come up with that sort of witty, heart-grabbing micro text that will turn your visitors’ faces into the heart-eyes emoji and have them tripping over their own feet to follow you wherever you go.

Social Media Sharing & Teaser Text: $3,500

You do my discovery questionnaire and then together we do an analysis of your entire online sales funnel and where social media fits into it.

We figure out what’s working well, and how we can improve.

Then we pick out the pieces of content that will be most effective, and I write 20 lines of fun, enticing CTAs your followers can’t help but click on for 3 social networks of your choice (60 lines in total).

To deliver them, I’ll either load them into your Meet Edgar or RecurPost account (with images, if available within the post) and/or send them to you via a private Google Doc.

These are pieces of text you can use forever, and forever get better engagement and traffic from your social channels. 

Rent a CCO (Chief Content Officer)

The goal of this offering, honestly, is to get you to a point where you don’t need me anymore.

But if you need some serious help whipping your content and your strategy  into shape, I’m the girl you need.

There’s a minimum of a three-month engagement, but what we’ll do together is phenomenal.

Outcomes include, but aren’t limited to: re-doing your site content, optimizing for SEO, planning funnels and optimizing existing ones for the best results, training writers & content creators to make better content, and even hiring and creating a stunning in-house content team.

I’ll also work with everyone else in your C-suite to make sure the strategy is totally encompassing and gives you the kind of business that makes a lasting impression no matter what angle someone might see it from.

This is an offering that will truly take your content strategy from “Eh, it’s good enough” to “Holy shit wow, I didn’t even know this was possible.” Promise.

Initial meeting & roadmap planning: $1,200

Monthly rates will vary, depending on level of need.

Click here to see a la carte services & pricing

All prices in USD.

My services start at just $300 for a piece of powerful, conversion-worthy copy, and I’ve got something for everyone. (That is, everyone that doesn’t want boring business jargon slathered all over their site and does want to be remembered.)

Get familiar with my process here.

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(Or send an email directly to chelsea@getcopypower.com) 

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