Tired of paying ‘high-end’ agencies $10,000 just to lift a finger?

Only to get sub-par work back?

Try working with me instead.

“She’s the best!”
-Stuart Walker, Niche Hacks

“Copy Power understands my needs and is very good at what they provide.” -Alan Monday, Stylish Nautical Living
“Chelsea did a wonderful job… I cannot wait to see how the copy she wrote will help my website!” – Austen Redinger, Anything Cartoon
“Chelsea is just simply a remarkable asset to have on your team.” -Stephen Parnell, Every Visa

Get in touch with me to set up a call and get a spot in my calendar.

There are two main ways to work with me: get the DIY access pass & get 1:1 guidance from me, -or- hire the Copy Power Agency to write your web pages & funnel. Get more info on each below. 


For Solopreneurs Who Just Want to Make More Money Online, Already.

For solopreneurs who are good at what they do, but just know they should be getting more attention and earning more money online.

In this DIY approach, you get a bundle of my 3 best, most efficient copywriting courses and trainings, along with SEVEN videos & accompanying worksheets walking you through each stage of my signature system.

This is PERFECT for entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping, and who know the value of learning quality, lasting skills that will serve them & their business forever.

PLUS, you get TWO 30-minute 1:1 calls with me to use as & when you like, within three months of purchasing this package. (Because if you have a three-month timeline, it keeps you accountable to get sh*t done.)

Use the calls for help getting started, for me to review your copy on-screen with you, to answer questions, talk business & marketing strategy… wherever it is you need the most help.

You’ll be able to take these courses & instructional videos, write your copy, and get sh*t done so you can have the business of your dreams ASAP… and the amazing, high-converting, audience-loving copy to support it.

You’ll get so much done so quickly, and you’ll seriously ASTOUND yourself at the results you can achieve.

Here’s What’s Included: 

  • Be The Best Writer Bundle: Learn ALL my “secrets” for writing copy that get me & my clients at least DOUBLE the expected conversion results, on a consistent basis. (My record is 3.5x… but I can’t wait to beat it.) This bundle includes: 
    • Write a Better Website e-course (worth $397)
    • Blogging With Balls Masterclass (worth $297)
    • Create & Monetize an Email Sequence Training (worth $97)
  • SEVEN tutorial videos & worksheets walking you through the Copy Power Signature System (worth $1,497):
    • Dream: Pin down the clear, measurable goals you’ll accomplish with your new copy.
    • Decide: Decide what your funnel structure will look like, and what pieces of copy you need to write.
    • Find & Funnel Your Voice: Uncover the PERFECT words to use in your brand messaging, and when and where to say each thing. 
    • Write: Get it written. Use my proven, easy-to-follow templates to make it easier.
    • Edit: Make the small tweaks that’ll make ALL the difference in your brand voice.
    • Publish: Make your new, high-converting copy LIVE.
    • Polish: Review your data & find ways to optimize it so it’ll work even better for you, once you’ve had a chance to teset it “in the real world.” 
  • TWO 1:1 calls with Chelsea to help you with your copy, strategy, or anything you need. (Worth $500)


For entrepreneurs & small business owners who are ready for the kind of copy that gets noticed in their niche.

 Have the kind of copy and content funnels that’ll make you proud of your business all over again. So proud you can’t help but name-drop the URL any chance you get.

(AND with copy so good your readers can’t help but turn themselves into happily-paying clients and customers.)

When you hire me for a done-for-you service, we’ll work intimately together while I create your brand messaging, map it to your funnel, and publish it in ways that’ll raise your conversion rates to levels you haven’t seen before.

If I can get 12,000 signups in one day from just five pre-launch emails and a signup page, I know I can do great stuff for you too.

Working 1:1 With Me Includes:

  • Leading you & your brand through my proven, signature, seven-step system that gets great results every single time.
  • Weekly 1:1 calls with me.
  • Custom-made videos with your first draft delivery to explain EVERYTHING you need to know, so there’s never any confusion.
  • 24/7 access to me via email & additional calls scheduled if/as needed.
  • Swipe copy documents & custom training video so you can keep production Copy Power-worthy content, even after we’ve finished working together.
  • A post-project data review to optimize your great copy even further & to set you up for greater long-term success.

Done For You: Quick-Start Package ($3,000)

  • 3 web pages (Home, About & Services, for example)
  • 3-part automated email sequence

Perfect for entrepreneurs & businesses just getting started…. and who feel confident in their ability to take a “kick start” with their messaging & online markeitng & run with it from there.

The Serious Solopreneur ($5,000) **Not just for solos, btw 😉**

  • 5 pages of web copy -OR- 3 pages of web copy & 1 long-form sales page
  • 5-part automated email sequence

For business owners ready to take their business to the next level by letting their website & email funnel do the selling FOR them.

Heck, my main email funnel is STILL only five emails long, and it works wonders for me. (And I’m no longer a “solopreneur!”)

This option also works great for entrepreneurs gearing up for a large launch. (Though add-on emails are recommended for a launch… either written by us, or you take our guidance in the first five & write the rest from there.)

Custom Packages: Request Proposal

Need something a little more flexible?

Or want more of a long-term working agreement rather than a one-off copywriting project?

We got your back, babe. 😉 Get in touch for a free consultation, we’ll talk about your goals, needs, and current numbers, and come up with a plan to get you where you need to be.

(Starting at $10,000.)

Need something different? 

Send me an email at chelsea@getcopypower.com.

Prefer hourly consults instead?

I also offer one-hour Copy Teardown sessions where we review pieces of copy of your choice, and I improve them for you on-screen. To book one, send an email to chelsea@getcopypower.com. (The investment is $250, and we go through as much copy as possible in the one-hour time frame.) 

(Or send an email directly to chelsea@getcopypower.com) 

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