But I gave up that swanky corporate career to get away from 9-hour Saturdays & to help awesome people like you do more good in the world… and get the customers (and cash) you deserve.

“She’s the best!”
-Stuart Walker, Niche Hacks

“Copy Power understands my needs and is very good at what they provide.” -Alan Monday, Stylish Nautical Living

“Chelsea did a wonderful job… I cannot wait to see how the copy she wrote will help my website!” – Austen Redinger, Anything Cartoon

“Chelsea is just simply a remarkable asset to have on your team.” -Stephen Parnell, Every Visa

Get in touch with me to set up a call and get a spot in my calendar.

There are two main ways to work with me: join a Copywriting Cohort, -or- hire me to write your web pages & funnel. Get more info on each below. 


For Solopreneurs Who Just Want to Make More Money Online, Already.

For solopreneurs who are good at what they do, but just know they should be getting more attention and earning more money online.

In each copywriting cohort, we’ll work closely together in a small, intimate group to uncover the words to use to say what you’ve always wanted to say, but never quite had the words for.

Then, we’ll take those words and map them to funnels you just know will convert at high rates for you.

In just one month, you’ll an entire online funnel planned, written, edited, published, and earning money and/or bringing in client leads for you.

A lot of the work in the cohort is DIY, but you get 24/7 email access to me to help you any time you need it, and we have weekly calls to help you out, tweak your copy, and make sure your goals happen.

Additional, done-for-you service add-ons available, including me doing some or all of your writing for you. We’ll talk about it on the call you book. 😉


In Just One Month, We’ll Acheive: 

  • Dream: Pin down the clear, measurable goals you’ll accompish with your new copy.
  • Decide: Decide what your funnel structure will look like, and what pieces of copy you need to write.
  • Find & Funnel Your Voice: Uncover the PERFECT words to use in your brand messaging, and when and where to say each thing. 
  • Write: Get it written. Use my proven, easy-to-follow templates to make it easier.
  • Edit: Make the small tweaks that’ll make ALL the difference in your brand voice.
  • Publish: Make your new, high-converting copy LIVE.

PLUS, I’ll teach you how to collect data & Polish your copy to work even better for you, once you’ve had a chance to test it “in the real world.” 


For entrepreneurs & small business owners who are ready for the kind of copy that gets noticed in their niche.

 Have the kind of copy and content funnels that’ll make you proud of your business all over again. So proud you can’t help but name-drop the URL any chance you get.

(AND with copy so good your readers can’t help but turn themselves into happily-paying clients and cusotmers.)

When you hire me for a done-for-you service, we’ll work intimately together while I create your brand messaging, map it to your funnel, and publish it in ways that’ll raise your conversion rates to levels you haven’t seen before.

If I can get 12,000 signups in one day from just five pre-launch emails and a signup page, I know I can do great stuff for you too.

Working 1:1 With Me Includes:

  • Leading you & your brand through my proven, signature, seven-step system that gets great results every single time.
  • Weekly 1:1 calls with me.
  • Custom-made videos with your first draft delivery to explain EVERYTHING you need to know, so there’s never any confusion.
  • 24/7 access to me via email & additional calls scheduled if/as needed.
  • Swipe copy documents & custom training video so you can keep production Copy Power-worthy content, even after we’ve finished working together.
  • A post-project data review to optimize your great copy even further & to set you up for greater long-term success.

Need something different? 

Check out my a la carte prices here.

Prefer hourly consults instead?

I also offer one-hour Copy Teardown sessions where we review pieces of copy of your choice, and I improve them for you on-screen. Book one here: https://payhip.com/b/Tj1O


(Or send an email directly to chelsea@getcopypower.com)