Entertain me while I preach to the choir for a second.

Wait, I think that’s the wrong saying.

What I mean is, come alongside me while I preach to myself the *exact* thing I need to hear, as I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one having this issue at the moment and I think we can all benefit from a little group pep talk.

I’ve talked a lot about high pricing before, but mostly about how it benefits us to just go ahead and label our services with a big fat price tag.

It’s scary, but when we up the ante and have the balls to just do it, things change.

The universe rises to meet us halfway. God helps those who help themselves. (Choose your own philosophy, but you get the point. Show your intention, step out in it boldly, and you will be rewarded.)

I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my own business, yet when the time comes to up level again, I get scared shitless.

I just want to take the 14 steps from my living room office space, past the couch, down the tiny little hall, into my bedroom, and up to the side of my bed.

Then, I just want to collapse onto it, pull my pretty teal comforter of my head, and lay there reading my latest book on new-age spirituality or the French graphic novel my boyfriend lent me. (Side note: graphic novel = really long comic book – like Persepolis and Epileptic. Not a slutty romance story, you sickos.)

Because you know what? Putting myself out there is really hard.

And it scares me.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence over the years, but I’m still that really shy kid who’s afraid to speak up because she’ll get made fun of by the class bully again.

I still feel a restriction in my throat when I want to speak up. Sometimes I power through it, sometimes I don’t.

But when I know in my heart of hearts that the best thing for me will be to speak up and reinvent myself with an image and price tag I’ve never portrayed before?

Oh, god. Is it ever scary.

Sure, I’m 28, self-actualized, feel confident in my own opinions, live on my own, have climbed the corporate ladder, traveled the world by myself, and all that good stuff.

But it’s still so damn hard.

Which brings me to the placebo effect.

(Bear with me.)

I’m a huge believer in the placebo effect.

If I have a body ache, I might take an ibuprofen. Or leave the bottle of pills alone and just drink a chamomile tea.

And you know what?

Both work extremely well for me.

But you know what else?

I have friends who think tea is just bad-flavored water and the chamomile doesn’t work for them. And my off-brand ibuprofen won’t either. Only Tylenol (or Advil or Aleve) will suit them… even though these pills have the exact same ingredients as their Walgreens-brand counterparts.

It’s the placebo effect.

In his book Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely talks about an experiment he did with the same exact pill… but by putting different prices on it.

One pain reliever was worth $0.10 per pill, and the other was $2.50 per pill.

The pills were actually the exact same pill, but (not) surprisingly, the $2.50 pill worked so much better for patients with pain issues than the $0.10 pill… of course, only when they were aware of the “price.”

Price = placebo.

So here’s how the placebo effect ties into our self-confidence issues.

When you learn to have confidence in the placebo effect, you learn to have more confidence in yourself.

You realize that nothing is perfect, not even you, not even your clients.

And rather than being pessimistic about it our being a total fraud who just wants to take advantage of people, you realize that the belief in the investment is almost always more important than the investment itself.

And when you get into a self-fulfilling prophecy circle (a positive, uplifting circle, mind you), things just get better and better.

You believe in your work more, and your clients believe in your work more.


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And here’s the clincher: when you believe in something, it works.

And, just because we have human brains that are funny and irrational, the more something costs, the more we believe in it. (Within reason, of course. But you’d be surprised at how much people are willing to spend on things that are important to them.)

Think about it, how much do you believe in a $5 pair of jeans in comparison to a $50 pair of jeans?

Or a $20 brand design for your website in comparison to a $2,000 brand design?

A $100,000 house in comparison to a $400,000 house? 

Sure, the cheaper versions might get the job done. They’ll serve their purpose—no problem. But for how long? Will you feel good about yourself using them? Will they truly reflect who you are?

Here’s a hint: when it comes to things that matter, people will spend and they will spend pretty.

And yes, ^ that line is me preaching to myself.

I’m up-leveling for 2017 with some exciting new packages, but I’m constantly arguing with myself over price.

I know I need to (and can) charge more & offer better services. But I’m scared. But I don’t want to. But I’m afraid the class bully will swoop in, point her finger at me, and mock me with her gaping fat mouth full of spit and humiliate me in front of all my friends… again.

Slowly but surely though, I’m gaining confidence.

I’m getting my strength back.

I’m gearing up to not just fight the bully, but to bulldoze her over without a second glance. And before that bitch even knows what hit her.

You with me?

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