I’ll let you guys in on a secret.

It might not really be a “secret” as much as it might seem a little surprising.

The vast majority of my clients don’t find me from my blog.

Sure, I use this blog to teach great copywriting and as a place to set up the future of my business, but most people who end up paying me the big bucks don’t find me here.

And they don’t find me from a Google or LinkedIn search, either.

They find me from everything else I’ve written online that my name is attached to.

They find me from the blogs I regularly write for.

They’re impressed with my knowledge and tone there, so then they come back to my site, read what I write here, and decide to get in touch to hire me for a project.

In fact, of all the clients and projects I took on for May and June, only two noticed me via what I was writing here… and one of those noticed me because we were already LinkedIn connections and I republish some of these posts on LinkedIn Pulse.

This isn’t to discourage you and tell you that your website doesn’t matter.

Because if the copy on your website sucks, people are going to click through full of expectations and all their hope will deflate as fast as an untied party balloon zips around a room full of giggling children.

So your website matters.


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But everything else you write across the internet matters too. 

Especially if you’re a creative. 

Can you imagine a great writer who took on a client just for some easy money? Maybe they knew the client wouldn’t care much about quality, so they just half-ass the writing so it isn’t up to anyone’s standards.

But when a potential client Googles them and sees this work?

(Because trust me, people do Google you.)

Cue the deflating balloon that was once full of hope and expectations.

Every single thing you’ve published in conjunction with your name or your business name matters. It’s all published and it’s all traceable. Online or off.

This is a huge reason why, before I start writing any kind of static content for a client… whether it’ll be sitting on their website, their Facebook page, or in an AdWords ad, I take my clients through an exercise where I collect pieces of emotional and logical information that matter deeply to their target audience.

And from those pieces, I start to build out their messaging.

Into strings and paragraphs of text that not only get the attention of their audience for a split second and don’t deflate that precious, colorful balloon of excitement, but pieces of text that actually convert.

Pieces of text that convert people into leads and then into customers. That convert customers into repeat customers.

Pieces of text that do more than just pay lip service to what you do and actually go out of their way to make you more money.

And I’ll be teaching this exercise for you to use in your business, for free.

It’s a $650 value that’s always attached to anything I write, but I’ll be teaching local business owners (and you, if you can make it) how to go through this process with their own business messaging, to replicate and repeat as needed and as their businesses change.

The venue is the West Asheville Library, 942 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC. And it’s at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14th.

An RSVP via this Meetup link is appreciated but not necessary.

And if you’re anywhere close to the area, I’d try to make it. I’m teaching this for free, and I don’t see that happening anytime again in the foreseeable future.

Plus, if there’s time for Q&A, I’ll be happy to walk you through some ideas for your own on-site messaging. 

So yeah, this event is LONG GONE, but you can get a free version of it in my three-part email course on better copywriting that gets you more sales.

You get one lesson per day, for three days, and it’s fantastic. New students email me every week telling me so. Grab it here:


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