What if I said I could help you sell more of anything with your website copy?

(And that it would start working the same day you implemented it?)

When I quit my job and set out on my own as a freelance B2B writer, I had a pretty hard time getting clients.


I knew I had experience and good enough talent, but I wasn’t sure how to communicate that on my website.

Needless to say… getting jobs & convincing editors I was a good choice was a bit of a disaster. So I had to figure out how to SELL myself. ASAP.


To be totally honest with you: I remember sitting in a cafe one day figuring out that if I could just average $100 per working day, I’d be able to squeak by financially and not go broke. 

Guys, that’s only $2,400 per month. BEFORE taxes and expenses. In some cities, that won’t even cover rent.

But soon enough, I got tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel and even more tired of seeing people with equal or less professional experience charging sky-high prices and actually getting paid.

So, with very little to lose, I set out to get to the bottom of it.

I took as many high-value copywriting courses that I could afford. I ordered books on copywriting, and meticulously listened to podcast episodes on the subject, while taking notes into a specially dedicated notebook.

And honestly?

After all that study, trial, and error, I’ve come up with three major quick fixes that can take any website from not-so-special-jargon to holy heck, that’s good.

They’ll help any business—no matter how commonplace or “boring” you think yours might be—and truly help it stand out from the competition.

They don’t take much time, and are super easy to implement. And honestly, even if you only implement one of them, it’ll change your game of selling and qualifying prospects online.

In this free email course, I’ll deliver these tips one at a time, one per day.

1) Today, you’ll learn how to create THOSE emotional hooks… the ones that are just so damn good people can’t help but read what’s next.
2) Tomorrow, you’ll learn how to follow the typical marketing advice of “highlighting customer pain points” but without falling into predictable, boring, industry jargon.
3) And finally, you’ll learn my not-so-dirty little secret that can 3x button clicks. (Hint: It’s super easy and has nothing to do with the button copy itself. Promise.)

So sign up now, and as soon as you confirm, you’ll get the first lesson instantly.

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