Last Friday, I announced in my Instagram Stories that I’ve got a workshop in conjunction with CreativeMornings coming up on August 26th.

In case you’re unfamiliar with CreativeMornings: it’s basically one of the coolest things ever.

It’s a network of 173 cities around the world, and each chapter hosts a talk over breakfast once a month. Kind of like a TED Talk, but only about creativity, and with muffins. Here’s a map:

Preeeetttty cool, no?

CreativeMornings is fairly new in my city though, and this month they’re celebrating one year of going strong.

So, for their first birthday, they decided to host an entire Saturday of really cool creative workshops around the city. Followed, of course, by beers at the end of the day. (In true Asheville / Beer City, USA style.)

And guess who gets to host a workshop?!?


I’ll be hosting a workshop on Creative Brand Messaging from 2 pm to 3 pm. In it, I’ll teach how to take what you’ve already got written and turn it into the kind of copywriting and brand messaging you’ve always dreamed of. The kind that your target audience will absolutely salivate over.

Plus, I’m hosting it Mojo Coworking. It has a super cute downtown location, and the meeting room we’re using is absolutely BALLER. (Glass walls, loads of light, and fun views.)

SO IF YOU’RE ANYWHERE NEARBY, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SIGN UP AND COME(Note: It’s a free workshop, but with limited spaces. Also, for some reason, the website only shows 2 registered, but I’ve had more people than that confirm, so the “number attending” is a glitch. Sign up now to secure yourself a space.)



(And since I know parking downtown on the weekend can be a bitch, hit me up & I’ll tell you my “secret spot” that’s free, not well known, and about a 5 minute walk away.) 
This event is over, but you can get my FREE 3-Part Copywriting Course to Help You Write Better Website Copy INSTANTLY… and it’s basically exactly what I taught in this workshop anyway 🤷‍♀️ 

Great copy is the secret to any high-performing website. And for most people who find themselves on the Copy Power website, it’s THE ticket they’ve been looking for to get more conversions and more sales. 🤑 💰

Which is why I’ve put together a FREE, 3-part copywriting course to help you write better copy on your website, and be selling more, in just 3 days. Join using the button below:

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