Okay, so this is a bit of a detraction from the typical copywriting advice I give in my videos.

But it’s a question I get often, which means it’s important.

The difference is subtle, and the two terms often interchangeable in “industry speak.”

However, for those of you who are in the market to hire a copywriter or a content writer, the difference could save you a lot of frustration and confusion.

For one, it’s okay to hire a generalist. For the other, you’d be kicking yourself in the shins if you didn’t go for a specialist.

One is about selling, and the other is about informing.

And often, the type of copy you need written will determine which kind of writing expert you should hire, and which ones you should say “no thanks” to.

In this video, I’ll explain the difference between the two, and what each is best suited to do for you and your business.

It’s a short, 5-minute video, so if outsourcing your content is something you need to do, check it out:

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