I teach a lot about what to do with your copywriting, but not so much about what not to do.

But a lot of the times, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing the “to-do” list rules when you sit down to write a piece of copy.


Because you could be losing your readers without knowing it.

Losing them to boredom, annoyance, confusion, or FOMO. (Yes, you really can lose them to FOMO.)

In this video, I walk you through five really common copywriting mistakes to make sure you avoid.

If they’re already on your website or in your blog posts—no worries.

But with this instruction (and the help of some of my other videos), you’ll be able to identify what needs to go and know how to change it.

And once you’re done with it?

I think you’ll notice a difference in how engaged your readers and visitors are. 😉

So here’s the video.

Check it out and let me know some of your personal takeaways, will you?

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