Startups are some of the coolest companies to work for.

They’re obsessed with innovation and driving the economy and society forward in really cool ways, which is incredible.

But one common worry, especially with early-stage startups is this: MONEY.

You know, the cash that you use to pay your rent and buy your groceries while you’re hacking away at code for the third day straight. Or the cash you use to pay employees, if you’re at that stage.

Sure, you can get funding from investors (and you often need to), but investors aren’t the ones that are going to create the reality of financial sustainability for your business. They’re just there to get you started.

So you need to make sure—even if you do still count on investors as your financial lifeblood—that you’re positioning your business to be customer-friendly. (And I mean paying customers here, not the ones using a beta-level free ride.)

I’ll explain it more in the video as I live-edit two different startup websites… but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple some of these changes can be to make.

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