It’s very rare that I have a client who feels like they’re doing a great job with their social media channels.

Heck, even I know I’m not taking advantage of social media like I should, and a lot of the work I do is as an online marketing consultant.

There’s just so much to it that it’s impossible to master it all… especially as a small business.

So how do you guarantee that you’re making the most of the social media work you do put in?

Thankfully, it’s not about “secret tricks the gurus aren’t telling you” or some new-fangled “growth hack.”

Instead, it’s all about how you use the words that your prospects are passively reading to grab their eyes and jolt them to attention. It’s about how well you make them interested in what you’ve got to say… and making it clear that what you’re saying is more important than their cousin’s baby eating sweet potatoes for the first time or the fact that their old evil boss finally got fired.

In this video, I’ll live edit items on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to show you how you can do exactly that with your own business… and finally stop worrying over whether you’re doing “enough” on social media once and for all.

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