I think I speak for most of my fellow online entrepreneurs when I say that it’s pretty awesome to set our own schedules, be in control of our own incomes, and to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

In fact, I think those are the main reasons most of us got into online entrepreneurship in the first place.

And most of us, at some point relatively early in the game, start to figure out what our on site conversion rates are. Once we know those numbers, it becomes a numbers-in, numbers-out game to ensure our profitability.

But just because we start out with one conversion rate doesn’t mean we can’t improve it.

In fact, one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate is to start with a hook that’s impossible for your target audience to ignore. They won’t have any choice to but keep reading about your offering… and we know that the more someone sticks around to read, the higher your chances are of selling to them.

In today’s video, I walk you through two examples of how to identify and write a more effective hook for whatever it is you sell online.

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