“Do email marketing because it’s highly profitable. If you do, you’ll have a million-dollar business.”

That’s pretty much my take on most email marketing advice out there. To be fair, I know there’s a lot of smart people with smart advice who go a lot more in-depth, and some of them actually have very good advice about email marketing.

But the gist of most of the advice on email marketing is technical – when to start a launch, how to schedule email automation, how many sales emails to send before you take down an offer, etc.

And while that can be helpful… none of that advice is going to help you if your emails aren’t interesting or valuable.

Which is what I’m talking about in today’s video.

As a copywriter, I’m being 100% honest when I tell you marketing emails are some of my favorite things to write. But it’s not because of how much money they can make… it’s because of the relationship-building and loyalty that happens as a result.

So in today’s video, I’ll walk you through my 3 most important tips when it comes to copywriting for email marketing and show you how the people I love to receive email from do it really well. Then I’ll show you how I successfully implement it for myself, even though my systems aren’t nearly as sophisticated as theirs.

So if the “need” to do email marketing has had you stumped, this video should help you spur some ideas on how you can get started, provide value, relate to your audience, and have profitable sales offers when the time is right.

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