Any halfway decent designer has a good-looking website and a stellar portfolio to show off their work.

If you’re a designer and you don’t have those things… jump away from this post & go get those now, because ain’t nobody gonna hire you if they come across your web presence and aren’t impressed.

But assuming you do have a decent web presence (way to go), I’ve got some copywriting tricks specifically for designers to share with you that’ll help you instantly resonate with people shopping for your services in a way they can’t ignore.

Because while a picture is worth a thousand words (or in your case, a thousand dollars), carefully selecting the tiny handful of words that go along with your images will multiply their effect and make your services absolutely irresistible… helping you book more clients.

Today’s video covers copywriting for designers and is just over 12 minutes long. In it I walk you through three different websites of professional designers, showing you how to instantly improve their copy, giving you ideas on how to improve your own.

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