I’ve you’ve got something to sell… there’s someone on Amazon looking for it. Guarantee it.

The problem is, if the thing you sell is even a remotely popular product, you’ve probably got some serious competition on Amazon… you may even be even competing with Amazon itself for sales to your target market.

So how do you break out of the competition and make lots of sales for prices that you’re happy with… without having to run all kinds of steeply discounted sales just to get attention to your products and your Amazon store?

If you guessed that I’m clever/obnoxious enough to tell you that the answer is copywriting, you guessed right.

The thing is so many sellers on Amazon only concern themselves with writing out specs in their product descriptions… not even realizing that writing just a few sentences of copy that invokes feelings and emotions can do so much more for boosting sales—even on a platform with stiff competition.

In this video, I walk through three different products (personal hygiene, gift jewelry, and outdoor gear) and re-write them “live” so you can see how I decided what to write… and how what I wrote instantly boosted the likelihood of a shopper adding that particular item to their shopping cart.

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