Ever seen a Facebook ad that just made you roll your eyes?

Even if you’re not a marketing professional, you just know the person who put that ad up didn’t think things through.

Especially on the hyper-targeted, information-rich platform that is Facebook, the fact that an old coworker and a distant cousin both like a page dedicated to a certain food product really isn’t a compelling enough reason for you to allow that same food product to pollute your newsfeed.

On Facebook in particular, you have to power to resonate so powerfully with different pockets of your target audience because Facebook lets you decide which types of people see which ads you publish.

It’s an incredible opportunity, but you really need to make sure the copywriting in your Facebook ads doesn’t fall flat.

You’ve got to make sure your Facebook ads copywriting does two things:

  1. Instantly resonates with the people who see it
  2. Prompts them to take action (which in this case, is clicking on the ad to reap a specific benefit)

In this video, I take you into my own Facebook newsfeed and live-edit ads targeted towards me to give you ideas on how you can improve the copywriting of your own Facebook ads.

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