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Group training for entrepreneurs who want to RULE IT ALL when it comes to all things copy & business.

The one and only copywriting AND business community with direct access to the best trainings & business advice from someone who’s been there & done it.

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Copy & Content Tutorials

Learn my best secrets & most effective copywriting strategies that’ll give you the kind of copy you’ve always wanted but never knew how to write. Also: learn how to have a low-stress content strategy that gets you RESULTS.


Practical Use-Them-Today Business Trainings

Tutorials on how to run a better business, earn more from clients, get the attention you deserve, and take yourself to the next level.

Live Calls & Trainings Every Month

Two live group calls each month. Get your copywriting done & your business questions answered. Walk away knowing what needs to be done to reach your goals.



Blogging With Balls Masterclass

Get ALL 4 modules of my custom masterclass that teaches you everything you need to know to get attention to your posts, write posts that keep reader interest, & how to get your blog to prompt action & contribute to your bottom line. Alone, it’s worth well over $1,000, but it’s available to all Copy Queens members as a part of their membership.

Five-Figure Client System

Learn the EXACT, step-by-step system I use to book client deals worth at least $10,000 over and over again. (it’s a lot easier than you think it is.)

Easy Passive Income

Learn how you can create you very first passive income product & start selling it within 24 hours. No gimmicks. I show you how to come up with an idea AND show you the (free!) tech to use to put your product up for sale. It’s so easy. (Trust me, I made this training so you could learn from my mistakes! I made it way too hard on myself for way too long!)

Write a Better Website Workshop

Get free access to the digital version of my SUPER popular Writer a Better Website Workshop. This workshop sells out every time I host it in person, and people LOVE it. (And this alone retails for $77 for the digital copy.)


SEO for More Traffic & Clients

Learn the super-easy SEO process I’ve used to get my blog posts on the first page of Google, and how I use them to gather the kind of SUPER targeted traffic that turns into client leads. (This is one of my most popular courses.)

Request Your Own Training!

Copy Queens is community-driven, which means if you’d like to see a training on something, you can request it & I’ll make it for you! I’m 100% here to serve the community, so ask away!


  • 👩‍💻 A monthly goal-setting & accountability check-in from yours truly.
  • 💪 An easy-to-implement monthly challenge you can choose to participate in that’ll make your business so much easier to manage.
  • 💻 One new training, every single month, worth $47 – $97.
  • 🗄 Access to ALL past trainings, since Copy Queens has been in existence. 
  • 📑 A group “Copy Cat” call where I coach you live on your copywriting, and improve it for you on-screen. (Worth $250 if you paid me privately)
  • 🍸 A monthly “Biz Cocktail Hour” call where I coach you on all things business, content, copywriting, work-life balance, tech, you name it, I got it. (Also worth $250 if you paid me privately.)
  • 🤓 Access to watch ALL recordings of ALL past Copy Cat & Biz Cocktail Hour calls. (You’ll learn loads from these, they’re priceless.)
  • 💁‍♀️ An end-of-the-month wrap up & accountability check-in, straight from me to your inbox.
  • 👀 Complete transparency into the goings-on behind the scenes at Copy Power.

(And already $4,000+ in value ready for you to watch & read ASAP. 😯)

The Most Affordable Way to Work With Me 1:1

(And people LOVE working with me.)

I heard you on Ed Gandia’s podcast and just got your copywriting lesson 3 email. Wow – I am SO impressed!

I’ve seen a lot of writing advice over the years, but your stuff is totally spot-on and super actionable. Thank you so much for providing it!!

Rheanne Krantz

You’re doing so good at the workshop! Love the great energy in the room – People love your classes!

Bryan Lim

If you have not had the chance to experience the magic of Chelsea Baldwin’s copywriting workshops yet, your time is now! Chelsea will listen to what you do/make/sell, take a moment to wiggle her fingers above the keyboard, and pour forth the website copy you always wanted but never quite knew how to write. AND she’ll show you how to do it for yourself! Don’t miss this!

Lara Lustig

I’ve been getting more compliments when I send my site to designers I’m networking with, like, “I really like your website. It’s so well written.”

It’s the first time I feel like my site copy is a genuine reflection of me speaking in a relevant way to the people I want to work with.

Hannah Glenn

Enjoyed her presentation. I bought her video and a PDF on SEO and have found it helpful. Keep up the good work.

Thomas Purtzer

You are amazingly informative, it’s clear you know your stuff!

I’ve taken several copywriting “classes” and didn’t get half from them what I learned in your videos.

Lori Rosen

This is really useful, I have heard people say ‘highlight the benefits’ but ur artist specific examples made a lot of sense to me. Thanks.

Martha Balaile

Awesome tips, thank you so much. I’ll be implementing the minutia mantra ASAP 😃

Rolando Archila

This is bang on copywriting tweaks. Great video.

Ray Burton


Enrollment ends on Monday, August 27 at midnight eastern.

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