We’ve all seen people enjoying the ride of a power trip.

The look of ease and satisfaction in their eyes, the proper, shoulders back and down posture our yoga teachers are always preaching at us, the ease with which they command the world around them to do their bidding.

They’re on top of the world, and they know it.

They may or may not be a jerk about it, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, they got there.

And whether you love them or hate them, you want to be there too.

And you could get there, if only the people and customers you spend hours and hours marketing to would perk up and pay attention already.

You’d be making the kind of money that makes your breaths longer and makes good posture easier. You’d have customers who were absolutely in love with you and singing your praises every single day.

You’d have people hanging on your every word, too.

You’d have it all, if only you could get the attention.

copy power

Take Your Copy on a Power Trip (And Finally Get the Attention You Deserve, Dang it.)

Starting today I’ve got two cool new service packages to help you do just that.

They’re called power trips… and rightly so.

They take the copywriting you’ve already got, take it out of the old, battered sweatpants it’s been wearing for the last five years and dress it up in a little black dress and heels so sexy and irresistible that even THE ANGELS turn their heads and think “damn.”

Dictionary.com defines the term power trip as “an act or instance of exerting one’s power, authority, or influence.”

And that’s exactly the kind of power trip you’re after with your business, isn’t it?

(We’re talking about a classy power trip here, not a douchey one.)

I’ve developed two power trips for you to choose from for your own online copywriting.

The idea behind them is to give your existing website copy and online funnel material that extra secret little something it needs to be totally irresistible.

These power trips are a more affordable option than to order all of my a la carte services where I write everything from scratch. Instead, I use the copy you’ve already got working for you.

And besides getting the people who see it to perk up and pay attention to you, these power trips have other nice little side effects: like boosting your conversion rates and increasing your revenue.

And they come in two versions: The Mini and The Mega.

The Mini (Copy) Power Trip

The Mini (Copy) Power Trip is focused around site-only copy.

We take the copy and the information that already exists on your website to keep your visitors, scrolling, clicking, and filling out those lead magnet forms, get in touch forms, or clicking on that “buy” button.

The Mini Power Trip revamps three pages for you:

  • A landing page
  • A sales page
  • A home page or about page

You can mix and match these three page types according to your preferences, but they must all three relate to the same product or same ultimate sales offering. (So I could work on your home page, a landing page for a lead magnet that acts as a pre-sale qualifier, and the sales page you send people to after they’ve opted into your lead magnet.)

The cost for this power trip, which will turbo-charge your on-site conversions, is just $1,500. It’s a considerable discount from my per-page writing fee ($291 savings on three pages, to be exact), and offers a much faster turnaround.

The Mega (Copy) Power Trip

The Mega (Copy) Power Trip includes on-site copy conversion optimization, but goes beyond it in a very big way.

In this package, I include the ads you use to get people to your landing page, the ads you use to direct people who’ve already visited and opted into your sales page, and your email autoresponder sequence you feed your leads up until the point of sale.

This way you know that every single touch someone has with your brand while they’re moving through your online sales funnel is optimized to get them converting in higher numbers and way more quickly than they ever would have before.

Here’s what the Mega Power Trip includes:

  • 3 Landing page focused ad copies (on any platform)
  • Landing page for lead magnet
  • The lead magnet’s intro & call to action
  • 3 emails in an autoresponder sequence building up to sales page
  • 3 retargeting ads pointing leads to a sales page (any platform)
  • Sales page
  • 3 retargeting ads to get sales page visitors back to the sales page (any platform)
  • A home page or about page

This package will really get your online sales funnel going on the kind of power trip that will help you exert your authority and influence online… both by getting more people into your funnel and turning more of those people into customers.

(Not to mention the kind of attention you’ll command with your awesome, new, powerful copy.)

The cost for this power trip, which takes the first power trip and more than doubles its effectiveness, is only $3,000.

If you ordered all of these things a la carte, the fee would total $4,988. That’s like 40% off. HUGE FREAKING SAVINGS.

The best deal I offer, hands down.

The Best Thing About These Power Trips?

Once they’re done, they’re done. Once your power-tripped copy is set in place, it keeps working for you without any active input on your part.

Plus, since it fits the parameters of the copy you already have in place, there’s zero design modifications required. You just need to copy & paste the right text into the right places.

Which makes even the $3,000 price tag of the mega power trip even more ridiculously affordable than it already is.

Because think about it, if you sell a $300 product, all the mega power trip has to do is sell ten more items for you and it’s paid for itself. And in the scope of the internet and the power of truly effective copywriting, ten sales is nothing.

I can’t make promises, but you’ll probably get those in your first month.

Book a power trip today, before they sell out.

I’m only offering three power trips each month. This isn’t a scarcity tactic, it’s just based on the fact that I don’t have unlimited hours.

And the month of May is already 100% spoken for.

So I’m starting to take bookings to begin in the second week of June.

If you’re thinking about it, but still not sure, just think about this:

They’re backed by the same psychology and brain science I teach here on the blog and use to write pages, posts, ebooks, and ads from scratch… so you know they’re going to be oh sooo good.

I expect June to sell out soon, too. So if you’re interested in getting a power trip done for your website or online funnel, fill out the contact form below to get in touch with me… right now.

Plus, if you book one by the end of this week (Friday, May 13th), I’ll throw in a bonus and give you all the extra phrases I uncover in our initial emotion-invoking phrase discovery exercises.

You can use these as you wish, but they’re incredibly useful as social media teaser text.

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