All About Chelsea Baldwin. Whoever She Is.

All About Chelsea Baldwin. Whoever She Is.

chelsea baldwinMe: Hi, I’m Chelsea Baldwin and I’m a copywriter.

Group, monotone: Hi, Chelsea.

So, yep.

And I’m guessing you’ve already made this inference, being that you’re on my website called “Copy Power” and all.

It’s what I do even though I despise using the words “copywriting” and “content” to describe my work because they are just so jargony. But jargon or not, I absolutely love it.

How it all began…

I’d always loved writing and keeping journals as a kid. Even the sound of fast keyboard typing was nerdily cathartic.

I remember being so fascinated when I’d see my mom typing out a letter or an email… it was astonishing how her fingers moved so fast, how she never looked down at the letters, and yet she yielded out these long messages that carried important information to whomever she was typing to.

It was so adult. A kind of superpower I hoped to develop one day, and in my senior year of high school when I decided to slack off a bit and take some easy classes, I did.

I showed up to keyboarding class every morning at 8 a.m. for an entire semester and learned to type quickly without looking down. I’d done it. I was a writing superhero now, and nothing could stop me.

(Don’t laugh.)

But enough of the nostalgia. Here’s the professional backstory you came here for:

Immediately after high school, I split from my small town like any other good, angsty teenage girl who has parents kind and fortunate enough to help her get an education.

I went to Appalachian State University for a Bachelor’s degree, even though I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to study yet. But I figured it out pretty quickly.

My writing professor kept complimenting me on how good of a writer I was, and after looking through the programs offered by the Communication Department, I was set on journalism.

Because it was obviously what I needed to use my writing talent to have a career interviewing rock stars and writing or Rolling Stone.

I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors and as the top journalism graduate in my class. (I drank a lot of coffee.)

And then…. the real world.

Upon graduation and started applying for jobs like the good little over-achiever I was.

But Rolling Stone didn’t hire me. (They wouldn’t even look my way, jerks.)

And no matter how many other interviews I landed, I could. not. get. one. single. f*ing. job.

Thankfully, I did find one gig earning $15 a pop for writing how-to articles. (I know, I know, terrible.) But hey, they were paying and the work was easy. It was my first-ever stint as a paid freelance writer. And since I could average $15 – $20 per hour I worked (which was the most I’d ever been paid for anything), I took a breather from the job search.

But even though I was earning money, I felt trapped. Like I needed to get out somehow.

So, obviously, I packed a suitcase and moved to India.

Ok, so maybe I didn’t so much “move” there in the same way that I would two years later, but I did find an internship I thought I would like, and as soon as I got the acceptance letter, I had my feet in the country two weeks later.

The job sucked, to be honest. But the experience was phenomenal.

I came back to the US four months later and studied to get two English teaching certifications. I thought they would be my ticket to international living (which I knew I had to do, even after only four months of it).

Those certifications didn’t do much for me except give me time to learn more about freelance writing, though. But whatever. I guess I kind of use them now in my volunteer work as an ESL tutor, so they’re not all to waste.

And then…. I landed another internship in India, got a year-long visa with extension possibilities, and boarded a one-way flight to India. Again. But this time, it was semi-permanent. I didn’t know when I’d be coming back.

My job was supposed to be editing scientific reports for a climate control company, but they closed their doors after three days on the job.

So I was back to freelancing, but this time in the middle of the Indian summer from my hot, non-AC apartment. Lovely.

But some of my friends who worked for an app development company learned what I did while I was working from home. They saw my work and begged me to come in for an interview with their company, since they found the website and its copy too embarrassing to show their families or list in their LinkedIn profiles.

So I went. And I was hired. And with a starting salary of about $500 per month, I became the company’s Content Director.

And then six months later I was promoted to be their CMO.

I learned a lot, yes. But I was tired of the mandatory 8.5-hour Saturdays and the fact that I had nearly no social time leftover to spend with my roommates, friends, or then-boyfriend.

Because work isn’t everything, people.

So I quit.

In April 2014 I left the corporate world forever (knock on wood) and decided to go back to freelancing while I backpacked around India for the next six months, studied to become a yoga teacher, had metaphysical conversations with other dirty hippies, drank the best tea in the world in Darjeeling, went on a tiger safari in Rajasthan, watched pujas on the Mother Ganga, and visited the kama sutra temples in Khajuraho.

If it sounds wonderful, that’s because it was.

So after I got tired of India, I followed some of my roommates from India to their city in Brazil, from where I worked to better establish my freelance writing career, and worked over the phone with a business lawyer in the US to officially start Copy Power.

My Vision for Copy Power

If you haven’t already noticed from my blog, I kind of nerd out about psychology and how the human brain processes language.

It is so fascinating because these theories and studies put words, understanding, and scientific reason behind why we find certain pieces of writing inspiring and others boring. Why some things are funny, and why some things are sad. Why some things prompt us to action, but other things make us want to sit on our couch drinking wine and having a Bridget Jones movie marathon.

With my blog, I want to help you understand these things too.

And with my services, I want to make sure you get these things done for your business to make sure that you give yourself more than just a fighting chance at making it—but a guarantee that your readers will remember you and want to keep reading more from you.

So Cheers to You

So cheers to you, you smart business person, you.

You know you need a little more. A little extra “oomph” online or in those brochures you hand out. You know you need to do something memorable, and you’re finding out how to do it.

So, Cheers! Because I genuinely appreciate it. I hate boring, jargony business text more than anyone I know, and I’m so glad you’re in the process of eliminating it.

And I’m honored that you’re here on this site, letting me help you along the way. It’s because of you that I get to keep doing this for a living every single day. (Is it too much to say you’re the gift and love of my life?)

And that’s all, folks. Chelsea Baldwin and her professional career in a nutshell. 

Still Curious? Here’s 21 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m 5’7.5” but I tell people I’m 5’8”. I don’t know why.
  2. When I’m typing out first drafts, I replace the words I want to type with words that sound like them. Like “once” and “wants.” Go ahead, say both of them out loud. No difference whatsoever.
  3. I can’t wait for the day when I’m allowed to have an animal in my apartment. Love animals.
  4. I’m vegan.
  5. I’ve watched Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason more times than I even know.
  6. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower in person, but never set foot in Paris. Try to figure that one out.
  7. I don’t like using SMS on my phone because it’s old and I can’t use emoji. If you love me, you’ll download WhatsApp for me.
  8. The next trip I want to take is to Europe because despite too many layovers there to count, I’ve never really visited.
  9. Until the age of 12, I grew up in a town with three different lakes.
  10. I love living in the mountains because when you walk or drive towards them, it feels like nature is getting up to give you a hug.
  11. I have a desk for work, but really spend most of my time working on my couch.
  12. I’m a cooking fanatic.
  13. I used to be addicted to coffee, but now 1/4 a cup will make my hands shake.
  14. I use Tinder.
  15. I have a serious desire to live to 100+. I’ve modified my health routines because of it.
  16. I’m fascinated by the passage of time and how impermanent our lives are.
  17. I’ve been carrying the same purse for almost two years and going strong (pictured above). I don’t even use a “prettier” one for “dressier” occasions. Because screw that.
  18. I don’t own an iron.
  19. Or an ironing board.
  20. I regularly hear helicopters, ambulances, and train whistles from my apartment. (So if we’re on a call and you hear one that sounds like it’s in my living room, don’t say I didn’t warn you.)
  21. I drink water from a cup that has an elephant with eyeglasses.
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