Keep reading & I’ll give you a secret most software company marketers (and most companies, in general) either don’t know or don’t use on their websites. It’s seemingly obvious, but such a small adjustment will significantly reduce your bounce rates. I promise.


The thing no one realizes about software is that it isn’t boring… like, at all.

There’s nothing boring about saving hours upon hours every single day because you don’t have to do manual data entry.

There’s nothing boring about saving thousands of dollars on labor costs or increasing sales (and therefore incomes) by 20% or more.

But as soon as we hear the phrase “software company,” our brains automatically go into ……..zzzzzzz……zzzzzzz……..zzzzzzzz mode.


Because we don’t give a rat’s ass about optimization, navigation, platforms, development, scalability, or being ‘data-driven.’

We think we do, but in reality these words are so intangible in our day-to-day, that our brain shuts them off without us realizing it.

For example: Sustainable solutions.


Honestly, what would you think about another landing page promising sales optimization? You might give it a read, but it probably wouldn’t stick out in your head that much. And by tomorrow, you likely won’t even remember it at all.

What we really care about are the tangible effects that optimization, navigation, cloud development, and scalability have on our day-to-day.

Like doubling invoices.

Or not having to fire your project management staff because you don’t have the business coming in to sustain them.

Or getting three times the amount of leads in your inbox when you walk into the office on a Wednesday morning.

These are the things that make software not boring.


And this, my friends, is where better copywriting comes in.

Believe me, I’ve seen it all. I’ve been working in this space for a good, long while.

With the scope of the internet (There’s 571 new sites created every. single. minute. That’s 822,240 new sites per day.), it’s damn near impossible to see it all, but there are definitely very clear patterns most people use in their web copy.

And you know what those patterns mean?

More of the same. Every. Single. Time.

More optimization. More scalability. More data-driven solutions.

And not so much of this:

  • Saving your sales reps 3 hours per day, on average, that they can spend making more calls.
  • Watching your revenue double month over month.
  • Knowing exactly when a visitor performs a trigger action on your website, and emailing them something relevant immediately after… Increasing your chances of making a sale by 50%.

See? Believe it or not, I just described exactly the same things:

  • Optimization = Saving your sales reps 3 hours per day, on average, that they can spend making more calls.
  • Scalability = Helping you find the most ripe & ready contacts to reach out to & when within your CRM. And watching your revenue double month over month because of it.
  • Data-driven solutions = Making your customers fall in love with you because you pay attention to what it is they actually want. Which drastically increases your deal closing rates.

Think about it with me for a second:

How likely are you to buy a piece of software that provides business scalability?

And how likely are you to buy a piece of software that can double your revenues month over month?

➡️ You can’t wait to get your hands on the second one, right?

So, for the love of kittens and software, start using these tangible descriptions on your website’s pages. 🙌 🐱 💻


That secret I promised to a higher-converting page?

That was it. BE. TANGIBLE.

Use those tangible descriptions over those jargon-y words, and you’re golden.

Because even if you don’t have as many cool features as they other guy?

Let me tell you something: You won’t need ‘em. 

Taking the time to revamp the pages you’re using to convert is what’ll set you apart more than any fancy piece of code. Features are a dime a dozen. Enthralling copy for a software company is rare.

If you’d like me to re-vamp your landing page copy for you, I’d be more than thrilled. There’s nothing I love more than turning meh copy into wow-za copy. You can email me here for a consultation. 

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