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Popularity. Validation. Online fame.

(Or, you know, just the acknowledgement that we even exist as human beings trying to do business via the internet.)

I’ve got a secret: it’s all so much easier than we’ve ever been taught to imagine.

Yes, getting attention online can be difficult… but only if you’re the same as everyone else.

No one’s going to notice another PPC agency, another product review site, or another site selling all natural supplements. Because there’s already a million of them out there, and they’re all pretty much the same.

But when you step out of the 1+2=3 mold with your blog and publish things that are truly memorable? Suddenly it’s 10×10=10,000. (Shpt. It’s mathematically sound. Don’t question me.)

Because let me tell you, blogging is one of the easiest ways to do something different and noticeable… particularly because EVERYONE and their brother has the exact same blogging strategy, always.

Their plans of what to publish and when revolve around numbers, not personality.

And when you start revolving your content strategy around your personality and those of your visitors, your cool idea finally starts getting the attention it deserves.

And those numbers you’re after?

They finally start to materialize.

Because people are desperate for personality online. They’re tired of jargon and preachy tutorials. They want real people, real stories, and guides that help them get their hands dirty and actually achieve the results promised in the headline.

That’s what makes you memorable. That’s what gets your posts shared. That’s what convinces people to opt into your email list.

Because readers only care about your entertainment & the value you deliver to them. Keyword rankings mean nothing.

And my blogging services generate tens of thousands of web page visits.  And loads of shares.

blogging services
Here’s a post I wrote in November 2015. Imagine if your content was good enough to get shared this many times.

But beyond publishing stuff that’s good enough to share, each time you publish a worthwhile is like putting up a new online dating profile with your hottest pictures: your giving yourself another chance to be found and let swarms and swarms of people looking for online love fall in love with you.

(Except, unlike online dating, there’s a far lower creep factor. And it’s totally cool if multiple people fall in love with you at once.)

It also boosts your authority in your market and increases the SEO rankings you’re after in two key ways:

1. Since blogging does in fact require words, you optimize your on-site text with the phrases people are using to search online, increasing your search engine rankings and organic traffic.

2. Second, because the words we’ll use will create actual, sincere engagement, people will stay on your pages longer, giving a sign to the search engines that your content is better than the rest of the sub-par stuff out there, catapulting it above your competitors’ half-assed blogging efforts.

Rand Fishkin calls it a Two Algorithm World. <- Check out that link. Very interesting.

So you get both the short-term and long-term results you’re after: More conversions, more sales, more loyalty.


Because, really, there are people out there looking for you. They just don’t know you exist yet.

But when they do discover your existence?

And not only your existence, but that you’re a complete joy to spend time with online?

You’ll be getting the kind of traffic numbers that force you to sign up for a different analytics service just to make sure what you’re seeing isn’t a fluke.

And since you’re probably already spending a decent portion of your budget on content and marketing—why don’t you start putting that money towards efforts that’ll actually accomplish something beyond those same mediocre results everyone else is getting online?

Get numbers that are more than just mere vanity metrics… get numbers that actually translate into something… something like piles of cash in the bank.

All with your blog.

And I can help you do it. Fill out the form below and we’ll set up a 10-15 minute call to figure out how we can most effectively kick ass together online.

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Rates for blogging services start at $300. None of that $10 for 500 words nonsense. Not here. This is powerful copy, not the cheap stuff. But every client I have swears by it, so I’m thinking you will too. 😉