2x-3x your clicks, conversions & sales.

And stand out IMMEDIATELY.

How? With better website copy.

Monday, March 22 at 5 pm Eastern

(no replays!)

I’ve been there too: wishing my website would just f*ing stand out already.

Wanting to puke very time someone in my niched talked about “six figures with ease.” 🤢 🙄

Damn tired of working my ass off e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. just to see a big fat $0.00 in my bank account at the end of the week.

I felt like crying every time I realized no matter how hard I sold, I either had to slash my prices just to land a project… or go without.

It sucked.

But I got real with myself & realized that the cool websites? The people “making six figures with ease”? The people who had the businesses I wanted to have…

When I landed on their websites, I fell in love with them too.

I wanted to buy their products. I wanted to hire their services.

Even if I couldn’t afford whatever they were selling, they still made me want it.

And I realized if things were going to change, I needed a website that addicting too.

So I learned to write good copy.

I didn’t just learn what to say: I learned HOW to say it.

And it made ALL the difference.

Signups for my newsletter 10x’ed.

People took the time to email me just to say how much they loved my website. (The design was exactly the same as before, just the wording was different.)

More & more emails came in from people wanting to hire me for my high-end services.

And I got so booked that my calendar was actually over-full.

And it was all way simpler than I’d imagined.

I didn’t need to go in-depth with “customer personas,” I didn’t need to hire a branding expert to help me, and I definitely didn’t need to do anything click-bait-y just to get attention.

Having better website copy felt so good, I swore I’d never get stuck in “not getting any attention online” again.

And I started helping other people get more attention too.


Even if they weren’t writers & had no talent for word-smithing.

Now I’m committed to helping as many people get attention online as possible.

Monday, March 22 at 5 pm Eastern

(no replays!)

I’m teaching my #1 tip for getting INSTANT attention on your web pages, without being click-bait-y or spammy.

To grab eyeballs the way you know you were meant to & get people to PAY ATTENTION to everything you have to say on your website.

To KEEP attention, not lose it.

It’s in my free webinar, and you can sign up for your time slot below.

By the end I GUARANTEE you’ll have some new pieces of copy that’ll instantly make your website more interesting… & make people want to work with you. 😉

Monday, March 22 at 5 pm Eastern

(no replays!)

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been getting more compliments when I send my site to designers I’m networking with, like, ‘I really like your website. It’s so well-written.'”
Hannah Glenn

“You are amazingly informative, and it’s clear you know your stuff! I have taken several copywriting ‘classes’ and didn’t get half from them what I learned in your videos.”
Lori Rosen

“Wow – I am so impressed! I’ve seen a lot of writing advice over the years, but your stuff is totally spot-on and actionable. Thank you so much for providing it!”
Rheanne Krantz

Monday, March 22 at 5 pm Eastern

(no replays!)

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Monday, March 22 at 5 pm Eastern

(no replays!)

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