Let’s talk about something that might get people on Twitter pissed off at me for a hot second….

It’s about me being “the best” copywriter for entrepreneurs amongst my competition and how… that’s actually possible?

The thing is, for YEARS I’d dreamed of being a really good copywriter.

I studied under the people who I thought were “the best” just so I could get good-paying clients and not feel poor all the time.

I wanted to be able to brag about the numbers I accomplished for other people. I wanted clients to see me & know I’m legit because I could “prove” I was worth hiring, and worth more than $50 for a page of copy.

And let me tell you – I felt like a fraud for the LONGEST time.

In fact, sometimes I still do.

But the closer & closer I get to the top – to being “the best” – the more I realize that the belief that it’s “impossible” to be the best is actually a total lie.

Everyone who gets to the top of their game spends so much time talking bout how hard they worked to get there… and I get why they do it. It’s A LOT of hard work to run a business, let alone a good one, and I’ve put more work into Copy Power and my career as a professional copywriter than I honestly care to think about right now.

I literally do it every day, for HOURS, so who knows how much work I’ve put in over time.

But I think the message I tend to take away from “the bests” who talk about how much work it took for them to get there is, “This was a shit ton of work, and most people in the audience, you including Chelsea, don’t have it in you because you’re nothing special and like to be lazy sometimes.”

You know, instead of the FAR more motivating, “Don’t be afraid to put in a lot of work, because you can reach this level of success too if you really want it.”

I feel like growing up with Southern Baptist guilt plays a big part in my self-deprecating thoughts of “you’re never going to be good enough,” but seriously…. can we talk about this for a second?!?

How we all assume that THAT level of success & recognition is for others and not ourselves?

Being Seen as the Standard 

One of the things I teach in my Write a Better Website Course is that when you’re able to use messaging that is true to you and not “bland” and “like everyone else in your niche, you stand out in a way that makes people see you as the go-to standard.

And even in TEACHING this to others and experiencing it for myself, I felt like I’d only ever be “the standard” for my small little audience online.

free copywriting course

Because I teach distinct things about copywriting online – like kissing your own ass to write better hooks – this stands out & people LOVE it as their standard.

But if I can be the standard to the small number of people who’ve already found me online, why can’t I become the standard for more people too? Why do I have to be limited to my existing audience? Because my church growing up told me I didn’t deserve everything and I had to be grateful for every little scrap thrown my way?

Hell no.

If I decide I want that influence and a large audience, I can have it. Especially since my heart is in a good place and I want to use that influence to help good entrepreneurs make the world a better place.

But…. Isn’t it All About Being “Talented”?

The thing is, though, you don’t become the best by being the most talented.

I used to think that was the case, but now I know it’s not true.

If you’ve got basic talent in one area, “exceptional” talent can be taught, and comes about from study and practice. I’ve seen that transformation in myself, and in others too. Time & dedication is what makes it happen, not happenstance prodigy-ness.

Anyway, very few people in the world are actual prodigies.

So when you’ve got basic talent you’re willing to share with the world, the “success” comes from actually sharing it.

From “putting your nose to the grindstone” so to speak, and just doing the damn thing, even when it doesn’t feel fun or exciting or sexy.

Success, money, and influence come to those who are willing to show up, day after day, to make unsexy plans that will make their growth happen, and that dutifully follow the steps in those plans.

And if others could do it… why can’t I?

Especially when it really doesn’t matter if you do it “perfectly” or not?!?

The REAL “Secret” is….. (drum roll)….. Dedication & Consistency! 

The best spiritual masters in the world aren’t the ones who just happen to have transcendental experiences every now and then.

They’re the ones who are willing to live under strict self-discipline to do their chosen “spiritual” practices day in and day out, whether they’re “feeling it” or not.

They show up and meditate for a set time period even if they can’t quite empty their minds or “connect to spirit” that day.

They do their sun salutations, without fail, every morning.

They read their inspired scripts and say their prayers, even if their minds get distracted.

And it’s that structure… that dedication… that allows for the breakthroughs to happen.

It’s the consistently showing up, the consistently pushing in with the faith that it will pay off one day, that makes those things actually pay off when they do.

Because if you’ve ever tried meditation for the first time, you can sure as hell bet you’re not going to be having a transcendental experience the first time you sit down. It’ll be all you can do just to not scratch one of the MILLIONS of itches that pop up the instant you tell yourself you have to sit still.

It took me MONTHS of “meditating” every day to finally be able to sit still for 10 minutes without feeling like I needed to itch every single little odd place on my body. Or pick my nose. Or pop my finger bones for the 1,000th time that day.

But now, sometimes I have moments of ~spiritual connection.~  But it would have never happened if I hadn’t been consistent enough with it to get past the itchiness phase.

You see what I mean?

And it’s the same in business & becoming the best in our fields. The more consistent we are in showing up and dedicating ourselves to what we do, the more it will pay off for us in the future.

And Then the Crutch is… Building a Bigger Audience

Really, I *feel* like this is the only step left.

And I KNOW building an audience is easier said than done.

But honestly?

I feel like if I can do that, and I know I can…. because plenty of people who’ve gone before me have…. I’ll reach that “best copywriter for entrepreneurs” status.

And…. that’s crazy. But that’s also kind of cool.

Success beyond what my wildest dreams were just a few years ago is now within reach, and that feels so amazing and empowering, I can’t even believe it.

And it makes me know that if it’s possible for me, it’s 100% possible for you too.

You see, I’ve got this huge fire in my belly over making sure the right businesses are successful in this world. That businesses who care about social justice, the environment, giving back and building people up are the ones who get the money, the power and the influence. Not the ones that pillage mother earth, squash people down by paying them minimum wage, and that don’t care about their social implications of their work.

And since you’re one of those “good” business owners, I want to help you in any way I can.

You can take my Write a Better Website Course to make sure your website is performing the best it can for you.

You can hire me to do your copywriting for you. Or to do a copy audit to optimize what you’ve already got.

You can hit me up on Instagram for regular copywriting & content help and ask me any & all questions that come to mind.

Send me an email to book a 1:1 discovery call with me, and we’ll talk through which of my services are the best fit for you.

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It would be my honor to help you out. Seriously. I want us to build this better world together, and I want all of our dreams to come true.

In Conclusion: Believe in Your Dreams

Not to get all kumbaya on you, but seriously: believe in your dreams.

They may not come into reality tomorrow, but if you’re willing to make a plan, and follow that plan by putting gone foot in front of the other, every single day, and in good faith that it will pan it, it WILL.

Also, the world NEEDS you to believe in and achieve your dreams…. that’s why she placed those specific dreams inside of you, after all. 😉

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