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What would you do if you had 20% more leads next week?

Without increasing your ad budget to get them?


A happy dance in your office chair?


(I thought so.)

You work hard on your business. Insanely hard.

So I’m willing to bet you’ve built up your online presence to the point that you’ve got enough… or at least a decent amount of… traffic coming to your site.

SEO, though monotonous, is not that difficult.

And as long as you pump money into AdWords, Google is happy to send you any traffic you’re not getting from organic search yet.

You’re smart. You’ve got that figured out. Easy. Done.

But now, it’s time for something more.

It’s time to make them want your product more than they want their favorite pizza for dinner.

And to do that, you’ve got to forget the common sense ‘logic’ behind converting customers.

Because the fact of the matter is, almost nothing about desire (or purchasing) is logical.

Because logic would crave a multi-vegetable salad with extra-virgin olive oil rather than a hot, cheesy pizza with just the right amount of tomato sauce.

But, as a person who’s probably had pizza more than once for dinner, tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Pizza has tomato sauce, which is made of tomatoes, which are vegetables. Pizza also has cheese, which has calcium. So, really, pizza is not an unhealthy choice.”


I know I’m guilty of it.

But this shows us a valuable lesson: emotion and desire come first. Logic, second.

And when you’re writing your website, the best copywriting appeals to these thought patterns in this order.

  • First, you help them realize their need.
  • Second, you show them why your product is so essential, and get them emotionally attached.
  • And after, you give them all the features and benefits they need to rationalize the decision they’re already making in favor of your products or services.

Because when you help someone make their decisions, you’re right there beside them, rooting for their success. And this, more than preaching your features and benefits at them, is what they’ll remember and appreciate.

So let’s get started, shall we?


Let’s take your current website copy, keep all the gold nuggets you’ve already got, and turn the rest on it’s head, enhancing your site into something truly powerful.

Let’s turn your landing and sales pages into profit-making machines.

Let’s provide the value to your visitors that they’re desperately craving… and that your competition sure as hell isn’t using.

Because competition? Psssh!

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