Being the overachiever I am, I’ve got a problem.

And at the risk of sounding super alpha-male and dude-bro-y, the problem is this:

I’m never satisfied.

I’m always wanting something more. Always feeling like I don’t have enough. And always wishing I was doing something “cooler” with my time.

(“Cooler” being that ever-elusive standard you can never quite define.)

If you listen to Law of Attraction teachers, they’ll tell you that even if you achieve the wildest possible dream you can think up right now, you’d get to that place and still want more. Because desire, apparently, is just a simple part of human nature. As much as breathing or the need to pee multiple times per day.

Which is reassuring. At least I know there’s nothing really wrong with me.

But I constantly fixate on the gap that’s there between what I have and what I want.

Like right now: I want a different business model. I wish I could do more teaching.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE client work and still want to do plenty of it. But I want to spend more of my time teaching good people and well-meaning business owners how to write effective copy for themselves. I want to give them the know-how to write their own brilliant copy. To reduce their expenses, increase their profits, and have the peace of mind that comes when you just know the message you’re putting out there is the PERFECT one.



I’ve been talking to others about it, and I see the possibility of this dream coming true. And in my head and my heart, I know it’s possible and that I will get there sooner than I think.


Which is why, I think, it’s important to reflect when you’re in moments of frustration like this.

And the end of the calendar year is just such a great time to do that, isn’t it?

By doing this reflection, I learned that I did so much in 2017 that it’s just silly for me to be having these frustrations over not being where I want to be quite yet.

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  • I got professional branding done for Copy Power.
  • I re-did my entire website design by myself.
    • And, a couple months ago, realized that I need to do another revamp soon. Not of design, but of messaging—so it’ll be more aligned with the goals I mentioned above. And I’ve started planning that revamp.
  • I had my first professional photoshoot and got some amazing head shots taken.
  • I launched my first e-course.
  • I changed my lead magnet from an ugly ebook to an amazing & valuable 3-part email course.
  • I signed up for Leadpages & MailChimp automation to make passive income easier.
  • I became one of “those” online entrepreneurs and set up my first passive income funnel.
  • I started hosting free, local workshops like the one I did with CreativeMornings.
    • I had the epiphany that I didn’t have to do a new workshop each time, but could just deliver the same exact one, over and over again.
  • I signed up for notes from the universe, and suggest you do too.
  • I joined a co-working space.
  • I started using YNAB for my business and personal budgets. And I meticulously budget every single month. 100% RECOMMEND. It’s a life-changer.
  • I went to the World Domination Summit in Portland.
    • I promptly bought two tickets for the World Domination Summit next year, because it was just that amazing.
  • I did my first bundle launch with two other great copywriters and learned A LOT in the process.
  • I started using canned responses in Gmail and probably save myself two hours of typing time each week.
  • I talked to a financial professional about buying a house, but then decided against it for the time being.
  • I learned the value of follow-up. (I landed nearly all of my 4th quarter income just from this alone.)
  • I did a LOT of failed marketing experiments.
    • I wasted money on Facebook ads.
    • I hired a not-so-good publicist that got zero results.
    • I did a “viral” giveaway that was “guaranteed” to get me 400 more quality subscribers to my email list, but only got me about five. (And learned that just because someone’s a “trusted teacher” in the space doesn’t mean their methods are right for you.)
  • I became WAY more vocal about the free resources I have to offer at the networking events I go to.
  • I joined my first in-person mastermind.
  • I started using RecurPost for social media, and got a lot more traffic because of it.
  • I connected a lot more with other women entrepreneurs, and my life is infinitely better because of it.
  • I started learning how to automate my business so I can get more done in less time and not have to train a VA.
  • I hired a business coach & genius tech girl hybrid on a month-to-month basis, and it was way more affordable than I ever thought it would be.
  • I joined Denise DT’s Money Bootcamp, and went through the program two times with great results each time.
  • I started working as an affiliate for other people, and making small amounts of passive income that way.
    • Yes, some of the links in this list are affiliate links.
  • I created my own affiliate program, and earn some passive income from that here and there.
    • (If you want to be one of my affiliates, get in touch.)
  • I turned my LLC into an S-Corp so I can save money on taxes and not bleed my bank account dry for the sake of the IRS.
  • I increased my income from last year.
  • I realized that I desperately needed a content strategy for the upcoming year, and am in the process of planning one.
    • (You guys keep me accountable to this, okay?!? If I stop publishing every other week, call me out on it.)
  • I joined a gym and go all the time now.
  • I gave acupuncture and reiki treatments a try.
  • I started going to therapy, because taking care of your own mental health is no joke and so necessary.
  • I landed the biggest, highest-paying projects I’ve ever had to date.
  • I realized how much I LOVE helping other people plan & implement copy for launches.
  • I started getting outside a lot more.
  • I tried a handful of different monthly promotions to my email list, with moderate success.
  • I took an art class and learned how to draw. (Sort of.)
  • I took a fiction writing class and learned so much about beautiful storytelling.
  • I started offering one-off copy teardown sessions.
  • I went on a vacation to the beach.
  • I became obsessed with meditation & how much healthier my mind feels after a session.
  • And I wrote SO MANY sales pages.


When I look back at it, I did a lot.

And if you’d given me this list at the beginning of 2017 and told me to accomplish it all in one year — on top of loads and loads of client work — I’d have frozen in my tracks and thought it all impossible.

But it was possible, and though I had moments of stress, most of the year was fairly stress-free. (I don’t say this to brag, but to prove a point that we’re all more capable than we think we are.)

There’s a quote floating around the internet that says something like: “We overestimate what we can do in one day, but underestimate what we can do in one year.”

And that’s so freaking true.

Believe in yourself, sugarplum, but don’t put so much unnecessary pressure on yourself. With the amount you can and will accomplish in 2018, it’s just not needed.

Give yourself some headspace, even if you think you don’t have time for it, and let your imagination run wild with your goals for 2018. Because we all deserve the accomplishment of really amazing things.

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