High bounce rates.

They can (and do) happen to even the best of products.

Because even if you do have the best product since sliced bread, duct tape, or Google Maps, if your landing page selling that product isn’t absolutely on-point?

You’re going to have higher bounce rates than that product deserves.

And you know what?

I hate seeing this happen to people. Especially smart people who have wonderful products and who provide some of the world’s best services.

And while I can certainly help you solve this problem with my copywriting services, I realize that you might not be ready for that kind of investment quite yet. But you still need copywriting that sells.

But those bounce rates? You’d rather not wait until next month to start fixing those bad boys.

So I’ve put together an ebook. An ebook with 5 tricks to creating copy that sells and lowers bounce rates—with 12 examples of what to do, what not to do, and how to improve existing copy.

(And yes, these are the tricks that make my hefty price tag worth it. Shh!)

copy power ebook imageHere are the tricks I cover in the ebook:

1. Adding a grabbing quote after the call to action.
2. Repeating a reader’s situation back at him. (And maybe being a little redundant. Yes, it’s a good thing.)
3. Making readers feel the pain.
4. Avoiding jargon and cliches like the plague… Ba-dum-chhhh
5. Capturing the feelings of pure bliss after conversion.

Ready to start producing copy that sells? And making more cash while you do it?

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