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Copywriting for Websites

Copywriting for websites.

What a broad topic. 

Like, so broad it’s literally impossible to cover in one video.

Or in 100 videos, for that matter.

But sometimes, you don’t need to dive ultra-deep into copywriting to improve your website.

Sometimes, all you need are a few tiny ideas that’ll help you improve what you’ve already got, without doing an all-out rewrite.

So that’s what this video is.

In particular, I’ve chosen to feature three websites from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, but the principles apply to everyone.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

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Announcing New 2017 Copywriting Packages

Alright, you know those fancy new 2017 copywriting packages I’ve been promising since that Black Friday email I sent out?

Well my dears, I’m finally ready to tell you about them.

I’ve been thinking about them, pouring over them, and planning them for months now, and I’m so excited about it I can hardly contain myself.

The Mini & Mega Power Trip packages are here to stay, but here’s some packages I’m adding to the roster:

Brand Essence Extraction: $1,500

I uncover the exact feelings, emotions, and wording your target audience feel and use around the pain point your product or service solves. With these, you can begin to create a brand and a message that will resonate on a deep, deep level with your target audience, crafting hard-won emotional loyalty and dedication to you and what you’ve got to say.

(If you don’t know these things, it’s pretty darn hard to sell anything to anyone.)

Deliverables include:

  • The real pain points (usually 2-3 levels deeper than what most marketers stop at)
  • The real emotions and feelings people have about those pain points, and where they come from. (Again, on a much deeper level than any traditional marketing class will ever take you.)
  • Wording to use about your main product or service that will create an instant emotional connection.
  • Color & font suggestions for a good feeling : image match-up.
  • Imagery suggestions for stock photography or custom design work as you progress in your business.

Sales Page Power Punch: $3,500

In this package, I write a sales page for you, but I also lay it out for you, from within your own WordPress dashboard, on Leadpages or Thrive Themes. 

This way, you know my words are being displayed for maximum impact on your site visitors, and there’s no confusing back & forth between me, you, and the designer.

Includes five suggested A/B tests for optimized conversions.

Options of adding a monthly conversion management by yours truly or working with a custom, specialized web designer who’s one of my coolest friends.

On-Site Micro Text: $500/page

Ever go to a website and just eat it up because of all the cutesy, wonderful things written in the opt-in form fields, the text that shows up when you hover over an icon, or the error text when you accidentally enter an invalid email?

You can have that kind of website too.

With this package, I’ll take the existing pages of your choice and come up with that sort of witty, heart-grabbing micro text that will turn your visitors’ faces into the heart-eyes emoji and have them tripping over their own feet to follow you wherever you go.

Social Media Sharing & Teaser Text: $2,500

You do my discovery questionnaire and then together we do an analysis of your entire online sales funnel and where social media fits into it.

We figure out what’s working well, and how we can improve.

Then we pick out the pieces of content that will be most effective, and I write 20 lines of fun, enticing CTAs your followers can’t help but click on for 3 social networks of your choice.

To deliver them, I’ll either load them into your Meet Edgar account (with images, if available within the post) or send them to you via a private Google Doc.

These are pieces of text you can use forever, and forever get better engagement and traffic from your social channels. 

Rent a CCO (Chief Content Officer)

The goal of this offering, honestly, is to get you to a point where you don’t need me anymore.

But if you need some serious help whipping your content and your strategy  into shape, I’m the girl you need.

There’s a minimum of a three-month engagement, but what we’ll do together is phenomenal.

Outcomes include, but aren’t limited to: re-doing your site content, optimizing for SEO, planning funnels and optimizing existing ones for the best results, training writers & content creators to make better content, and even hiring and creating a stunning in-house content team.

I’ll also work with everyone else in your C-suite to make sure the strategy is totally encompassing and gives you the kind of business that makes a lasting impression no matter what angle someone might see it from.

This is an offering that will truly take your content strategy from “Eh, it’s good enough” to “Holy shit wow, I didn’t even know this was possible.” Promise.

Initial meeting & roadmap planning: $1,200

Monthly rates will vary, depending on level of need.

Blogging With Balls Masterclass

This is where you can learn for yourself how to write the kinds of blog posts that people in your target audience can’t help but say “OMG YAAAAASSSS!” to while they’re reading.

This masterclass is available in a more private, one-on-one, or company teaching setting, or you can join the waiting list for the next “public” opening. (The public openings are less customized, but way more affordable.)

You’ll learn how to come up with topics that are actually interesting and get search engine traffic, how to stand out from the crowd, how to optimize for SEO, how to batch your content production for more productivity, and how to use your blog as the main driver behind your sales funnel and bottom-line revenues.

Hint: If you have a staff writer who’s good but could be better, this is the PERFECT investment to take their awesome talent to the next level.

Email me at chelsea@getcopypower.com for a quote or to join the waiting list and be the first to know the next time I open the course to the public.

All my a la carte items will still be available (at slightly higher rates), but I won’t be featuring them front & center on my “Hire Me” page anymore, since these packages will be the core focus of my offerings.

And as promised in that Black Friday email, if you pay a deposit on a project by the end of the year and schedule your project before the end of March 2017, you’ll get in on this year’s rates. And the spots are filling up.

I’m working reduced holiday hours this week, but there’s still time for a client discovery call. So if you’re *maybe* thinking about it, just go ahead and shoot me an email at chelsea@getcopypower.com.

Cheers to you!

Happy New Year!!


Copywriting for Beginners

Believe me: I’ve been there.

Trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing with your site’s copywriting and just hoping to god it’s sufficient for enough people to buy from you to keep your business afloat.

It’s stressful.

I’ll admit: expert copywriting is kind of a beast to figure out and master… especially if you’re just getting your toes wet in it.

Fortunately though, you don’t have to be an expert copywriter to have good enough copywriting or to make some major improvements to your on-site copy today.

So instead of inundating you with a million rules on headlines, how to write your first sentence, hooks, sub-headings, calls to action, and story, I’ve got three easy-to-understand and easy-to-use tips for you in this video.

I promise they’re not complicated and that they’ll improve your site.

Check them out:

Read more

Copywriting for Life Coaches

Y’all… I’ve got some mad respect for life coaches.

They sit down, hear out all of our crazy goals, then hear out all of our crazy emotional problems and help us get a handle on them.

And if that weren’t enough, then they put custom-made action plans together to help us achieve our goals. You know, despite that fact that we’re so emotionally messed up.

I imagine it’s draining career a lot of days.

But also rewarding… which is why most of you probably got into it in the first place.

So in today’s video, I want to give life coaches a leg up. I want to help them figure out ways to improve their website copy so they get more clients that are a joy to work with, and less that are a drain on their energy.

I’ve got three main tips that will help you do this, and I’ll walk you through some on-site rewrites step-by-step.


Read more

“Us” vs. “We” vs. “You”

You know what it feels like to be the odd ball out.

When you’re there in the room, but it’s clear you don’t belong.

Someone might be an asshole enough to point it out—but even if they don’t, the tension in the air speaks for itself.

You’re not a part of the “in” crowd and you don’t understand any of the inside jokes. And when they tell jokes, you can’t really tell if you’re the butt of them, but you very well might be.

You’re physically inside, but you’re definitely an outcast.

The moments can be so uncomfortable, you’d take yourself into exile given the opportunity—just to avoid one more embarrassing moment. 

None of us like to feel excluded. Read more

Copywriting for Personal Trainers & Athletic Coaches

Most personal trainers don’t only rely on the internet to bring them business.

Some do, but most of you guys are using gym networks, word of mouth, and referral programs to keep your client rosters full.

But, like most smart business people, you also want to make sure your website stands out from your competition. You want to really impress the people who come across you, and your website is the best place to do that.

Yet, every time you sit down to figure out what to actually say on your site, the ideas and the words escape you.

In this video, I’ll walk you through three different websites and show you how I uncovered their best hook messages and how I re-wrote their hooks to draw readers in and make them want to know more.

If you found that video helpful, I’d love it (and you) if you’d click on one of those cute little social media icons below and share it with your network.

And for more tips on how to instantly improve your website’s resonance and conversion rates, check out my free ebook that covers five different copywriting hacks to help you reduce your bounce rates and increase your conversion rates.

Beyond that, you can subscribe to the Copy Power TV YouTube Channel and enter your name and email address below to get updated every time I publish a new blog post (approximately every other week) and to be in the cool “in” crowd that gets brownie points from the universe and exclusive Copy Power news when & as it’s available.

The Psychological Elements You Need to Earn More Money (Without Hustling Yourself Silly)

Yesterday, I did a little research on pricing.

Premium pricing, to be exact, since that’s where my fascination is these days.

And I saw a fellow copywriter charging $4,000 if you wanted to “rent” her for an entire day.


Like, the amount that loads and loads of Americans would be thrilled shitless with for a monthly salary.

It’s $500 for one hour. ONE HOUR. That’s only two Pomodoros and you’ve got half a thousand in your bank account. Insanity.

And just to make the situation even more ridiculous, she was sold out of that offer.

Of course she was.

Granted, that was the highest published price I found in all of my research. But at that point, why not just go ahead and charge $5,000 or $6,000 for the day?

I mean, you’re already at such a point of sheer ridiculon that you might as well just milk it for all it’s worth.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Assumptions on How the Human Brain Judges Value

Read more

Pro Tip: Annoyingly Cute Couples Almost Always Look Alike. (Use this in your business.)

I want you to think of the top three annoyingly cute couples in your social circles.

You know, the ones that are so into each other and never seem to have any issues or fights or trust issues.

The ones who make you want to gag at the mention of their names, but make you secretly wish you had a relationship that easy and trusting.

Got their names down?

Okay, open a new tab and look them up on Facebook.

Choose a picture where you’ve got a good view of both of their faces right next to each other.

A wedding picture, a selfie they took after they climbed to the top of a mountain in matching Chacos and North Face jackets, or even one of those godforsaken lying-on-a-pillow-next-to-each-other selfies.

Get over how obnoxious the picture is and look at their facial features.

Do they look alike?


Look a little deeper: Read more

Go Ahead and Beat a Dead Horse: Why Redundancy Rules in Copywriting

You know those pissy, angsty commenters on Medium who will absolutely tear you to fucking shreds if you write a sentence that has one word in it more than is 100% necessary?!?

They’re idiots.

And I’m saying that not only because they get on my nerves so badly (or maybe I am).

I’m saying it because there’s real, actual SCIENCE behind being redundant in the things you write—especially when you’re writing to a distracted audience.

And if you’re writing on the internet, you are writing to a distracted audience.

Heck, I’m actively writing a post and my mind’s wandering.

In the entirety of the five sentences above, here’s THREE actual, substantial thoughts that have run through my mind: Read more

Why Speaking Up Beats Professionalism. Every Time.

So, there’s this thing called professionalism.

And occasionally, because of my sassiness and intermittent irreverence on this blog when I reveal embarrassing facts about myself, I’m accused of violating said professionalism.

Somebody got pissed off because I used a cuss word in a headline.

Somebody got pissed off because I shared a photo in a tweet of how my friend wrote my name in an address line because I was proud of her sassiness. (Warning: that one may be NSFW if your boss is a stick in the mud.)

But if I ran my business in fear that I might piss people off, I honestly wouldn’t be writing, doing, or producing anything that’s the least bit interesting.

I wouldn’t have written my last post about how hot beverages affect our brains, because my (and science’s) claim that we as humans aren’t 100% driven by rational data would infuriate that guy.

I wouldn’t be recording my YouTube videos because I wouldn’t want to be “found out” by the people whose websites I featured and scolded by them because, WTF, how dare I use their publicly available information?!?!

(For the record, that hasn’t happened yet.)

And I wouldn’t use cuss words ever because heaven forbid my sweet little grandma found out.

But the thing is…. fuck those people. (Except for grandma. I love her.)

I don’t run my business for them, and they’re certainly never going to be the ones buying from me. Read more