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Put Down Everything You’re Doing Right Now & Watch Arrival

As a copywriter, or a person to whom copywriting (and therefore language) is important, you must watch this movie.

Like, must.

Consider it your mandatory, you-don’t-pass-my-class-unless-you-do-it homework from Teacher Chelsea.

I’ll go ahead an tell you: this post contains some spoilers, but I don’t think they’ll ruin the movie for you.

I mean, even in the previews, you kind of get the sense that everything’s going to be okay in the end… so there’s the first spoiler of the day.

But seriously, there’s so many cathartic components about language and emotion in that film that I just can’t wait until I can buy it and watch it over and over and over again.

For example, I totally figured out why they named the aliens Abbott & Costello… and felt super damn smug about it, too.

But here’s what we learn from this movie that we can apply to our copywriting and our businesses… to make us better, to make our customers better, and to ultimately make the world a better place:

Language & Emotion Are Universal

As in, we all use language and we all feel emotion.

In this case, we see that they’re literally universal as the aliens are far more human-like than they are Spock-like with their appeal for help, sharing, and problem-solving.

But even in the realm of humanity: we all feel.

And to ignore that, as you see in the movie, is just silly.

So to get someone on the same page with you and to work with you to solve a problem or for a better future, you’ve got to drop the mask, show who you really are, and not be afraid to share some emotion back and forth.

Because as great as logic is… ain’t no good problem-solving going happen until you’ve got that warmth and trust factor to build upon.

We Are All The Same

There really is no “us” and “them.”

We see that in the end of the movie, when Costello (one of the aliens) is either dead or dying, there’s an exchange of sympathy from Louise and a general sense that we all know what it feels like to lose someone close to us, how much it genuinely sucks, and how much we hate that others have to go through it too.

So pretending that there’s some sort of line between me and you because I’m “the blogger” here and you’re “the reader” is just silly.

Sure, I’m the one that wrote this and you’re the one that’s reading it, but to pretend like we’re on different levels because of that is just atrocious.

Same goes for you and your audience.

Or dare I say, students and teachers in the education system.

Or, you know, politicians and the people they represent.

We’re all the same.

And only when we start treating each other like that will there be true progress.

So, in copywriting, talk to your readers like they’re your equals if you really want your words to matter for something.

We MUST Work Together

One of my favorite things about the movie actually didn’t have that much to do with language.

It was how it outlined so plainly how atrocious it is that we as humans on earth have borders that allow us to classify “us” and “them” and decide how we want to work together with others.

Or if we want to work with them at all… and who we should actively work against.

Omg, writers and directors of this work of art…. #PREACH.

But bringing it back to copywriting and running a business, I think it’s about making sure you have a WHY that’s greater than the actual work you do to show up and hack away at your goals everyday.

Because as much as I love copywriting, copywriting is not my why.

It took me a while to figure out how to put words to my why, to be honest with you, so if you’re still there… no worries. You’ll find it, I promise. Just keep following your heart.

But my “why” is this: To help myself and others retire early and live better, more meaningful lives.

Why else would I be so obsessed with price?

It sure isn’t to buy fancy nail polish or overly nice clothes.

I’m writing this post right now wearing 10 year-old yoga pants from Old Navy, a 5 year-old hoodie, and Pepto-Bismol-colored fuzzy socks. A fashionista I am not.

BUT I know what I’m working for and what I want to help others work for. It’s why I’m so obsessed with premium image and premium pricing, because those things equal more money.

And I’m not about making more money for the greed of it, I’m about making more money because you can use that stuff to do things like buy a house, pay it off in full, save for your child’s education, donate to worthy causes, and basically free up your time so you’re not working for the dollar anymore, but instead working for your heart.

Which I think we can all agree is EXACTLY what this world needs.

So find your why and use it to work TOGETHER with others, will you?

Oh, and… have you seen the movie? What did you think? 

Announcing New 2017 Copywriting Packages

Alright, you know those fancy new 2017 copywriting packages I’ve been promising since that Black Friday email I sent out?

Well my dears, I’m finally ready to tell you about them.

I’ve been thinking about them, pouring over them, and planning them for months now, and I’m so excited about it I can hardly contain myself.

The Mini & Mega Power Trip packages are here to stay, but here’s some packages I’m adding to the roster:

Brand Essence Extraction: $1,500

I uncover the exact feelings, emotions, and wording your target audience feel and use around the pain point your product or service solves. With these, you can begin to create a brand and a message that will resonate on a deep, deep level with your target audience, crafting hard-won emotional loyalty and dedication to you and what you’ve got to say.

(If you don’t know these things, it’s pretty darn hard to sell anything to anyone.)

Deliverables include:

  • The real pain points (usually 2-3 levels deeper than what most marketers stop at)
  • The real emotions and feelings people have about those pain points, and where they come from. (Again, on a much deeper level than any traditional marketing class will ever take you.)
  • Wording to use about your main product or service that will create an instant emotional connection.
  • Color & font suggestions for a good feeling : image match-up.
  • Imagery suggestions for stock photography or custom design work as you progress in your business.

Sales Page Power Punch: $3,500

In this package, I write a sales page for you, but I also lay it out for you, from within your own WordPress dashboard, on Leadpages or Thrive Themes. 

This way, you know my words are being displayed for maximum impact on your site visitors, and there’s no confusing back & forth between me, you, and the designer.

Includes five suggested A/B tests for optimized conversions.

Options of adding a monthly conversion management by yours truly or working with a custom, specialized web designer who’s one of my coolest friends.

On-Site Micro Text: $500/page

Ever go to a website and just eat it up because of all the cutesy, wonderful things written in the opt-in form fields, the text that shows up when you hover over an icon, or the error text when you accidentally enter an invalid email?

You can have that kind of website too.

With this package, I’ll take the existing pages of your choice and come up with that sort of witty, heart-grabbing micro text that will turn your visitors’ faces into the heart-eyes emoji and have them tripping over their own feet to follow you wherever you go.

Social Media Sharing & Teaser Text: $2,500

You do my discovery questionnaire and then together we do an analysis of your entire online sales funnel and where social media fits into it.

We figure out what’s working well, and how we can improve.

Then we pick out the pieces of content that will be most effective, and I write 20 lines of fun, enticing CTAs your followers can’t help but click on for 3 social networks of your choice.

To deliver them, I’ll either load them into your Meet Edgar account (with images, if available within the post) or send them to you via a private Google Doc.

These are pieces of text you can use forever, and forever get better engagement and traffic from your social channels. 

Rent a CCO (Chief Content Officer)

The goal of this offering, honestly, is to get you to a point where you don’t need me anymore.

But if you need some serious help whipping your content and your strategy  into shape, I’m the girl you need.

There’s a minimum of a three-month engagement, but what we’ll do together is phenomenal.

Outcomes include, but aren’t limited to: re-doing your site content, optimizing for SEO, planning funnels and optimizing existing ones for the best results, training writers & content creators to make better content, and even hiring and creating a stunning in-house content team.

I’ll also work with everyone else in your C-suite to make sure the strategy is totally encompassing and gives you the kind of business that makes a lasting impression no matter what angle someone might see it from.

This is an offering that will truly take your content strategy from “Eh, it’s good enough” to “Holy shit wow, I didn’t even know this was possible.” Promise.

Initial meeting & roadmap planning: $1,200

Monthly rates will vary, depending on level of need.

Blogging With Balls Masterclass

This is where you can learn for yourself how to write the kinds of blog posts that people in your target audience can’t help but say “OMG YAAAAASSSS!” to while they’re reading.

This masterclass is available in a more private, one-on-one, or company teaching setting, or you can join the waiting list for the next “public” opening. (The public openings are less customized, but way more affordable.)

You’ll learn how to come up with topics that are actually interesting and get search engine traffic, how to stand out from the crowd, how to optimize for SEO, how to batch your content production for more productivity, and how to use your blog as the main driver behind your sales funnel and bottom-line revenues.

Hint: If you have a staff writer who’s good but could be better, this is the PERFECT investment to take their awesome talent to the next level.

Email me at chelsea@getcopypower.com for a quote or to join the waiting list and be the first to know the next time I open the course to the public.

All my a la carte items will still be available (at slightly higher rates), but I won’t be featuring them front & center on my “Hire Me” page anymore, since these packages will be the core focus of my offerings.

And as promised in that Black Friday email, if you pay a deposit on a project by the end of the year and schedule your project before the end of March 2017, you’ll get in on this year’s rates. And the spots are filling up.

I’m working reduced holiday hours this week, but there’s still time for a client discovery call. So if you’re *maybe* thinking about it, just go ahead and shoot me an email at chelsea@getcopypower.com.

Cheers to you!

Happy New Year!!


Copywriting for Artists

Let me just say, I’m sick of the “starving artist” mentality.

I live in a city with a thriving art scene with plenty of successful, six-figure artists. But despite that, the vast majority still seem to have the mindset that art is only a fun hobby that you might be able to make $20 on here or there if you’re lucky.

But I’m a high-paid freelance writer, for goodness sake, and if any career besides teaching is notorious for its low wages, it’s freelance writing. (Or just being an artist in general.)

It’s completely false that you have to suffer financially or otherwise for the sake of your art or the joy of creating it. So in today’s video I’m going to help you actually sell your art—whether it’s pre-made or commissioned—to make actual MONEY from it.

I’m going to walk you through three websites of your fellow artists showing you how they can improve their on-site copywriting for more purchases and conversions to give you ideas on how you can do this for yourself.

Specifically, we’ll talk about:

  • Spelling out the usefulness of your art.
  • Getting rid of jargon.
  • Attaching your higher-end & custom offers to your customer’s emotions. 

If you found that video helpful, I’d love it (and you!) if you’d click on one of those cute little social media icons below and share it with your network.

And for more tips on how to instantly improve your website’s resonance and conversion rates, check out my free ebook that covers five different copywriting hacks to help you reduce your bounce rates and increase your conversion rates.

Beyond that, you can subscribe to the Copy Power TV YouTube Channel and/or enter your name and email address below to get updated every time I publish a new blog post (approximately every other week) and to be in the cool “in” crowd that gets brownie points from the universe and exclusive Copy Power news when & as it’s available.

High Pricing = The Ultimate Placebo Effect

Entertain me while I preach to the choir for a second.

Wait, I think that’s the wrong saying.

What I mean is, come alongside me while I preach to myself the *exact* thing I need to hear, as I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one having this issue at the moment and I think we can all benefit from a little group pep talk.

I’ve talked a lot about high pricing before, but mostly about how it benefits us to just go ahead and label our services with a big fat price tag.

It’s scary, but when we up the ante and have the balls to just do it, things change.

The universe rises to meet us halfway. God helps those who help themselves. (Choose your own philosophy, but you get the point. Show your intention, step out in it boldly, and you will be rewarded.)

I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my own business, yet when the time comes to up level again, I get scared shitless.

I just want to take the 14 steps from my living room office space, past the couch, down the tiny little hall, into my bedroom, and up to the side of my bed.

Then, I just want to collapse onto it, pull my pretty teal comforter of my head, and lay there reading my latest book on new-age spirituality or the French graphic novel my boyfriend lent me. (Side note: graphic novel = really long comic book – like Persepolis and Epileptic. Not a slutty romance story, you sickos.)

Because you know what? Putting myself out there is really hard.

And it scares me.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence over the years, but I’m still that really shy kid who’s afraid to speak up because she’ll get made fun of by the class bully again.

I still feel a restriction in my throat when I want to speak up. Sometimes I power through it, sometimes I don’t.

But when I know in my heart of hearts that the best thing for me will be to speak up and reinvent myself with an image and price tag I’ve never portrayed before?

Oh, god. Is it ever scary.

Sure, I’m 28, self-actualized, feel confident in my own opinions, live on my own, have climbed the corporate ladder, traveled the world by myself, and all that good stuff.

But it’s still so damn hard.

Which brings me to the placebo effect.

(Bear with me.)

I’m a huge believer in the placebo effect.

If I have a body ache, I might take an ibuprofen. Or leave the bottle of pills alone and just drink a chamomile tea.

And you know what?

Both work extremely well for me.

But you know what else?

I have friends who think tea is just bad-flavored water and the chamomile doesn’t work for them. And my off-brand ibuprofen won’t either. Only Tylenol (or Advil or Aleve) will suit them… even though these pills have the exact same ingredients as their Walgreens-brand counterparts.

It’s the placebo effect.

In his book Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely talks about an experiment he did with the same exact pill… but by putting different prices on it.

One pain reliever was worth $0.10 per pill, and the other was $2.50 per pill.

The pills were actually the exact same pill, but (not) surprisingly, the $2.50 pill worked so much better for patients with pain issues than the $0.10 pill… of course, only when they were aware of the “price.”

Price = placebo.

So here’s how the placebo effect ties into our self-confidence issues.

When you learn to have confidence in the placebo effect, you learn to have more confidence in yourself.

You realize that nothing is perfect, not even you, not even your clients.

And rather than being pessimistic about it our being a total fraud who just wants to take advantage of people, you realize that the belief in the investment is almost always more important than the investment itself.

And when you get into a self-fulfilling prophecy circle (a positive, uplifting circle, mind you), things just get better and better.

You believe in your work more, and your clients believe in your work more.

And here’s the clincher: when you believe in something, it works.

And, just because we have human brains that are funny and irrational, the more something costs, the more we believe in it. (Within reason, of course. But you’d be surprised at how much people are willing to spend on things that are important to them.)

Think about it, how much do you believe in a $5 pair of jeans in comparison to a $50 pair of jeans?

Or a $20 brand design for your website in comparison to a $2,000 brand design?

A $100,000 house in comparison to a $400,000 house? 

Sure, the cheaper versions might get the job done. They’ll serve their purpose—no problem. But for how long? Will you feel good about yourself using them? Will they truly reflect who you are?

Here’s a hint: when it comes to things that matter, people will spend and they will spend pretty.

And yes, ^ that line is me preaching to myself.

I’m up-leveling for 2017 with some exciting new packages, but I’m constantly arguing with myself over price.

I know I need to (and can) charge more & offer better services. But I’m scared. But I don’t want to. But I’m afraid the class bully will swoop in, point her finger at me, and mock me with her gaping fat mouth full of spit and humiliate me in front of all my friends… again.

Slowly but surely though, I’m gaining confidence.

I’m getting my strength back.

I’m gearing up to not just fight the bully, but to bulldoze her over without a second glance. And before that bitch even knows what hit her.

You with me?

P.S. In case you missed the email last week, I’m doing a “Black Friday Sale” through December 15th or until “supplies” last. I’m booking my services at my 2016 rates for the first three months of 2017. Book before then (or before I book out completely for those three months), and you’ll save yourself a pretty penny and still get the same awesome level of service. 

In Which I Actually Defend Corporate Jargon

Five years ago, I started my first ever real website.

It was called Carolina Freelance Writer, and I thought I was being clever with SEO.

The thought of it makes me cringe, but the reality is that I used that site until one year ago last month when I officially started my LLC and could take this site live.

So for four years (and a couple years before that when I was freelancing without a website), because of the wording of my URL, the best I could ever hope to refer to myself was as a freelance writer.

Because there it was, written in pixels in front of anyone who ever thought about hiring me.

That site was a blessing at first, but it turned into a curse.

Read more

Numbers Aren’t Gods. Stop Worshipping Them.

Today’s post is about relationships.

Possibly romantic ones if you’re a serial Tinderella, but not just romantic ones, either.

It’s about all the relationships we establish in our lives: friendships, family, in-person, or via the internet. (Because yes, goshdarnit, you CAN make friends on the internet.) And beyond that, we’re talking about the special, delicate balance you create in establishing a friendship—and yes, a relationship—with all the “faceless” people on your email list. Read more

Pro Tip: Annoyingly Cute Couples Almost Always Look Alike. (Use this in your business.)

I want you to think of the top three annoyingly cute couples in your social circles.

You know, the ones that are so into each other and never seem to have any issues or fights or trust issues.

The ones who make you want to gag at the mention of their names, but make you secretly wish you had a relationship that easy and trusting.

Got their names down?

Okay, open a new tab and look them up on Facebook.

Choose a picture where you’ve got a good view of both of their faces right next to each other.

A wedding picture, a selfie they took after they climbed to the top of a mountain in matching Chacos and North Face jackets, or even one of those godforsaken lying-on-a-pillow-next-to-each-other selfies.

Get over how obnoxious the picture is and look at their facial features.

Do they look alike?


Look a little deeper: Read more

The Neuroscience Behind Always Taking People Out for Coffee (or Tea)

I’m going to forego the copywriting advice for today’s post and give you some really cheap business advice that’s wonderful in helping you land clients.

Because while copywriting is important, and while yes, it is a big part of the equation in getting people to reach out to you, it’s still only part of the equation of landing a sale.

Especially the kinds of sales we love… which are worth thousands of dollars.

So here’s the advice:

Take your prospects out for coffee. Or tea. Or hot chocolate. Or a hot toddy.

Whatever their choice of beverage is, just make sure it’s a hot drink.


Because we’re such judgmental and non-logical beings that a warm beverage actually has enough power to make us feel warmer towards each other. Read more

I Learned a Lesson About Customer Expectations This Week

I had a vacation responder up this past week, telling my clients I was traveling so I’d be slower to respond, and that for a few days, I’d be completely out of touch.

I’m not going to harp on work-life balance, but something else I learned on the last day of this trip.

I went to Manaus, a city plopped down in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest and fleshed out by European rubber entrepreneurs in the 1800s. It’s known as the Paris of the tropics, and is a really cool place.

When I moved to Brazil in April, I told myself that if I didn’t take any other trips while living here, I would at the very least save my money and go to see the rainforest. Which I did.

After I finished my three day, two night trek through the jungle (with a guide, people), I had three more days in Manaus.

I looked through Lonely Planet for some hints of what to do and saw some pretty cool museums. After double-checking the operating hours, I planned what I wanted to do and on which days.

But because museums like to keep funny hours, I ended up with three museums to visit on my last day there.

So that morning, at 9 am, I trooped to the first museum. It was open and full of glory. As cool as I expected from the three-sentence Lonely Planet description, and it got me really excited about everything else I’d see that day in the other museums.

After being absolutely delighted by all the art, archaeology, and history I’d just experienced, I walked 20 minutes (in the hot, sticky, tropical sun) to the next museum… and it was closed without any notice or any sign telling me when it would be open.

It was a little disappointing, but since it was so far removed from everything else and you had to walk through some shady areas to get there, I figured it was a bad location-choosing on the part of whoever opened it. But, shit happens, and at least I had another museum to look forward to.

So I had lunch, bought some gifts for my family, and rested in the shade.

Then it was time for the post-lunch hours of the third museum.

I’d saved the best for last.

I walked there (again, through the hot, sticky, tropical sun) to find this:

museo em greve

Translation: We’re on strike. Museum closed to visitors. Read more