Take your site from sweatpants

to swanky.


There’s nothing wrong with sweatpants.

We all love them. 

There’s nothing like peeling off itchy clothes at the end of an annoying day and sliding into something that doesn’t care what you look like or how badly you tanked your last project.

But if you walk around in baggy sweatpants, no one’s paying attention to you.

At least, not the kind of attention you like.

Because – like with your website – you get better attention when you’re slicked up in your best business power dress (you know the one) or that custom-tailored suit you got your hands on. 

You demand authority and attention. 

And you get it, every time.

So it’s time to get your website dressed. 




It’s time for website copy that doesn’t make you embarrassed to hand out your business card.

The problem with most website copy is this: it’s boring. 

It’s a pair of old, grey sweatpants that might be functional, but they’re not prompting anyone to take you seriously. 

Not what you want in business.

Boring websites talk about features, benefits, and rationalize pricing. These are all things people want to know, but only after they’ve made the decision to buy.

Great website copy, on the other hand, helps them make the decision almost instantly, and follows up with the justification they need to act on that decision now

And this “great” website copy I’m talking about is better than your competition’s.




Yes, really.

I’m talking about website copy that offers the value-based experience your competition hasn’t figured out how to offer yet.


I’m talking about using words to connect with your visitors in a way that not only makes them feel like their swanky, rock-star, intelligent selves, but also speaks directly to the problem and the outcome of solving it, without drowning them in feature-based details. 

Because when you connect with your visitors on such a high frequency, you don’t have to waste valuable website space rationalizing your price to them. They immediately get how valuable you are.


So, what do you say?

Let’s turn those high bounce rates into high profits, shall we?


Yes, let’s get started.